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A First Look At Our Decorated Tippler Wagons!

A First Look At Our Decorated Tippler Wagons!

Over the last week we revealed a first look at each of our PTA/JTA/JUA decorated samples, on social media and through emails. Each reveal was accompanied with an in depth series of pics so you can enjoy all the detail of each model.

First up was the British Steel blue and orange livery.

Please note that there will be colour corrections to some models, as well as these being hastily assembled hand finished models, so assembly and tampo will be a lot sharper on the production variants.

Following on from the later (and very pretty in our view!) British Steel livery, we revealed another iconic livery carried by these famous wagons; ARC! 

These beauties have been particularly popular with pre-orders, and the perfect addition to your fleet for stone train workings with BR blue, railfreight, sectorisation and privatization era locos as well as the lovely ARC Class 59s, among others!

Following ARC it was the most popular livery of our initial range so far, the other British Steel pack, the original and iconic grey and orange livery, synonymous with the triple headed Class 37 and double headed class 56 trains between Port Tolbot and Llanwaren as well as Ravenscraig trains.

As you can see in the pictures, the grey is too blue in colour, and this will be tweaked for the production models. However, the festoon of data panels and warning labels really stand out. The even better news is these will be even sharper on the finished models!

The VTG liveried wagons reflect the final years of service of these wagons from the mid-2000s as they were repainted in VTG livery and used on spoil, sand and sea dredged aggregates trains behind a variety of traction!

We are quite happy with the colour and the labels on this variant, and while it is not as well known as other liveries, it does add operational scope and a later time period in the 2000s and 2010s for these wagons.

Finally, some would say we have saved the very best for last. Foster Yeoman is one of the most famous private owner liveries of the BR diesel era, with their wagons and locomotives operating the Mendip stone trains becoming iconic on the network for many years.

In our first production run we have chosen the second livery these wagons carried in Foster Yeoman service. Perfect for the late 80s and early 90s. 

These wagons are now in production and are due for delivery in September 2020. They are sold in packs of five wagons for £149.95. Remember, for ARC, British Steel and Yeoman packs we do two packs.

One of these packs, the "outer pack" includes two outer wagons, featuring conventional buffers and coupling for locomotives and other wagons, and three inner wagons for the rake with knuckle couplings at a different height, as per the prototypes. There is also an "inner pack" available, which is designed to bolster rakes only and is only compatible with the "outer pack". Make sure you order at least one "outer pack" when buying these wagons, as the "inner pack" will not couple to the loco! If you only want to buy one pack of these wagons, make it an outer pack! 

Fancy a rake of these beauties for your layout or collection? Dont hang about, order these before they sell out! Click here to place your order today.

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