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Caledonian Sleeper Survey Complete!

Caledonian Sleeper Survey Complete!

We had a busy (but most enjoyable and productive!) day at Glasgow Traincare Centre (or Polmadie Depot as most of us know it!) surveying the Caledonian Sleeper Mark 5 stock with our good friends at Revolution Trains!

Now the Class 92 is finished at the CAD stage and in China, we can turn our focus to the mammoth project that is the Mark 5. We have already surveyed and done a chunk of CAD on the TPE stock, but the sleeper stock was the final piece of the puzzle, until today. 

Now that we have the final pieces of data we require for the sleeper stock, we can crack on with the 3D CAD work. We have a lot of this information already, but it was great to be able to validate measurements and drawing information, as this can alter a great deal between design and manufacture of the real thing. We never truly trust manufacturers drawings! 

The new stock is certainly impressive, and will lend itself as very nice subject matter in model form. We like our detail after all, and these coaches will be dripping with it when they hit your layouts early in 2020. 

We would like to extend a sincere thanks for the staff at Caledonian Sleeper and CAF for facilitating us today, and of course our customers who have supported us with all your pre-orders. We thought these coaches would be popular, but my word not this popular! You can order here if you wish to join in! 

Read more about our Caledonian Class 92 going to tooling!

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