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Class 66 and 37 Run 2 Mini Update

Class 66 and 37 Run 2 Mini Update

We have some exciting news regarding two forthcoming new locomotive releases, so we have combined a mini update regarding our Class 66 and Class 37, detailing when you can expect them on your layout!

Class 66

#As reported elsewhere, production of our Class 66 run 1 is now complete and the majority are on the high seas and due with us in approx. 7 weeks' time.

So, if that's the majority, then what about the rest of the stock?

Well, we can confirm that a limited supply of Accurascale Exclusive 66001 arrived at our warehouse last week! We have enough to cover the pre-orders of this loco, and we shall begin distributing them later this week after our usual checks and packing is complete!
Class 37 Run 2
With our Class 66 production now complete, our factory are now entering final assembly of the second production run of Class 37s.
Due to the huge popularity of both locomotives on pre-order, production has taken a little longer than anticipated. Therefore, 37 production is slated to be complete in mid-May, with them arriving in stock in mid/late July.
Look out for an exciting update from another one of our lovely diesel projects, the Class 31, late next week!
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