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Class 92 Update - We need to talk about those pans..

Class 92 Update - We need to talk about those pans..

It's been quite a while since we gave you an update on our fabulous Class 92s, and while the reaction to them has been overwhelming positive, with lots of orders coming in, it has been a huge amount of work too.

As a new company we are keen to stand apart from other manufacturers and push the innovation envelope further and further. The 92 is a perfect example of this, and it will receive the same high specification as seen on the Deltic with helical gearing, a super heavy chassis, a whole new curcuit board designed with our partners at ESU, along with their excellent PowerPack system of super capacitors, ESU Loksound 5 with Legomanbiffo sounds, and of course, our all singing, all dancing, operating pantographs which raise and lower on DCC command.

The CAD for the 92 has been a doddle, along with the complex roof equipment which we went to the ends of the earth (okay, Loughborough and Crewe!) to access, but with little detail variation it has been an easier locomotive than both the Deltic and the 37 to design.

Except for one area; those pans!

The issue with the pans is that they are of a singe arm design, with little additional support. We really want to push the envelope with these locos, so we came up with our own design for it to work while maintaining prototype fidelity. We sent it to our first factory in China and they were confident they could make it work.

However, after a lot of back and forward, they confirmed that they were unable to make it work.We have since taken our CAD to factory two, and enlisted the help of another company with suitable technology, and they are confident that they can get it to work, so we are now working hard to get the design finalised and tested.

Unfortunately this means the 92 has been delayed, with delivery now slated for Q4 2020. We are gutted about this, but innovation sometimes takes longer than anticipated, and if we crack this we will then have this design perfected for future models. Our solution for the pan features a small, near silent motor dedicated to the each of the two pans to aid in the realistic operation.

The moving to the new factory and further development costs has seen the model production price go up in China, which is to be expected. However, we have decided to absorb this cost and not pass it to customers as compensation for this additional wait. We want our Dysons to be the most jaw-dropping locos in your fleet, and are determined to deliver a truly game-changing model.

We are also showing our updated decoration plates, so you can see our model range with their warning labels and lettering included. We think these handsome brutes look great in pretty much any livery, and will look especially well in charge of our Mark 5s.

Thank you for your patience and support as always! You can place orders for your 92s here, and roll on 2020!

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