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Introducing the Rawie Buffer Stops in 4mm

Introducing the Rawie Buffer Stops in 4mm

Our second new model announcement at the Great Electric Train Show is the humble Rawie buffer stop. Several variants of this distinctive buffer stop can be found across the rail network, from terminus stations, to locomotive stabling points, motive power depots and freight yards. The variant we are modelling first appeared in the early 1990s and remain a bright red distinctive feature to this day across the network.

As we like to cater for as many modellers as possible, the model will come in multiple variants, with a basic buffer stop with traditional buffer pads, a buffer stop with Scharfenberg coupling box attachment and a buffer stop with a Scharfenberg attachment with lighting pole and functional LED lighting, with pick up from the track.

Tooling for the models has been complete and we have received undecorated pre-production samples of the Scharfenberg variants. Tweaks to the design are currently being undertaken by our factory in China.

The buffer stops will be in packs of two for the basic and buffer stop with Scharfenberg coupling box attachment priced at £5.95, while the LED fitted buffer is in a single pack for £6.95. Prototypical friction pads will be provided in each pack to be placed on the rails behind each buffer stop as per the prototype. They are suitable for both Code 100 and 75 00 gauge track.

Delivery is expected to be Q4 2018 and can be ordered directly from our website once it arrives in stock.

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