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Mainline and EWS Class 31s Join The Accurascale Exclusives Line Up

Mainline and EWS Class 31s Join The Accurascale Exclusives Line Up

Our Class 31s have been warmly received since they were announced just under 12 months ago. Our main range has been flying off the shelves at pre-order stage and we are about to enter production in the coming weeks. 

Everyone also knows that we like a couple of "Accurascale Exclusives"; or series of special edition locos available only direct from our website, open to all without the need for club fees and fair prices that are in keeping with our main range. 

So, it's about time we revealed our Accurascale Exclusives Class 31s! 


First up is 31407 in the elegant Mainline Freight livery


Revealed in February 1996 at an event at Toton TMD, 31407 was possibly the most surprising locomotive to be outshopped in the attractive aircraft blue house colours of Mainline Freight, one of the three shadow privatised freight operators spun off from the Trainload freight business in 1994.

While the Class 31 fleet was in the process of being run down, this locomotive was selected because its electric train supply capability and vacuum braking made it the perfect partner for observation saloon DB999504. Despite this, it mostly saw employment on infrastructure duties, East Anglian passenger moves and railtours before being withdrawn in September 1998.

Second up is 31466 in the the striking colours of EWS

Ahead of the landmark Toton open day in August 1998 there was furious activity behind the scenes at English Welsh & Scottish Railway as the company went hell for leather to show off a more enthusiast-friendly outlook with range of exhibits wearing the Wisconsin Central-inspired maroon and gold paint scheme. One of the highlights of the event was Bescot's 31466, that wore its new EWS livery well despite being built way back in 1959!

A regular on freight and infrastructure work, it moved to Old Oak Common in May 1999 before finally being stored at the start of 2001. Happily it was acquired for preservation in 2007 by the Dean Forest Diesel Association and soon put back into service, the group gaining permission to retain the locomotive in EWS colours. Its currently based at the Severn Valley Railway where it sees regular use.

Both locomotives capture that mid 1990s era, which was one of great change for Britain's railways as privatisation commenced, with a plethora of colourful liveries adoring heritage stock as new companies made themselves known. It was also the twilight of many Class 31s, as they were withdrawn and stored with the advent of the Class 66 in the late 1990s and they became life expired. 

This pairing makes up one half of our Accurascale Exclusives Class 31 range, with another pair to be announced soon. They also follow our main range with an industry leading specification;

- Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
- Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
- Die-cast metal chassis
- Bogie with separate footsteps, brake cylinders, speed recorder and end brake rigging
- RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels
- Brake blocks on bogies in line with wheels
- Scale width wire handrails
- Etched metal/plastic detail parts, incl. grab handles, steps, wipers, etc.
- Etched metal roof grille
- Etched metal pre-painted nameplates, plaques and arrows (if applicable)
- Accurate high-fidelity miniature snowploughs
- Full underbody battery box/air tank detail with pipework
- Fully sprung buffers, multiple pipework variations and screw couplings
- Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers
- DCC ready [21-Pin MTX Socket] or Factory-Installed DCC Sound options
- Two quality speakers with large sound capsules for best possible sound (DCC Sound models only)
- Wheel flange squeal sensor on DCC sound fitted locomotives
- Working radiator fan, driven from separate motor
High Performance traction, to include;
- High quality 5-pole motor with two large flywheels
- Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
- Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale top speed of 90 mph (145 km/h)
- DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
- Outer axles on bogies are driven (sprung dummy centre axle) and all wheel pickup
Fully detailed Lighting Pack, including:
- Directional lighting, DC and DCC
- Switchable Red and white marker lights (red can be switched individual lights or both on)
- Separately switched cab lighting and illuminated, driver’s desk with auto/off on movement

These two locomotives will enter production after our main range and arrive in stock in Q1 2024. They are priced at £169.99 DC/DCC Ready and £269.99 DCC Sound Fitted. Both are only available direct via our website and you can pre-order by clicking here!

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