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New Announcement: Additional British Steel Tippler Packs!

New Announcement: Additional British Steel Tippler Packs!

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering two additional five-packs of our PTA/JTA/JUA Tippler wagons in British Steel blue and orange and grey and orange due to popular demand from modellers!

These characterful wagons were built in three batches by the British Steel subsidiary Redpath Dorman Long from 1972 for transporting iron ore to Consett, Llanwern, and Ravenscraig.

The tough looking tipplers stood out further with attractive liveries and rode on distinctive BSC ‘Axle Motion’ bogies soon became a favourite of the enthusiast as they became synonymous with the heaviest trains on the British Rail network. The Port Talbot to Llanwern trains saw 27 British Steel PTA tippers triple headed by Class 37s, before the introduction of pairs of the then new Class 56 on 30 wagon trains.

These long lived and widely travelled wagons are the subject of the fifth new 4mm wagon model from us here at Accurascale. like all our previous wagon announcements, this pattern of PTA/JTA/JUA is a wagon never done in RTR format in 4mm scale before.

We have now added two new five packs of our hotly anticipated PTA/JTA/JUA wagons in British Steel liveries! These packs of 'inner' wagons feature knuckle couplings at both ends and are designed to compliment our existing British Steel packs to help form a prototypical train.

Remember, if you order two packs or more you get a 10% discount on our website. At less than £30 for a wagon with museum quality detailing and fidelity it represents great value for money! Click here to order yours today!


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