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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - Chaldrons Back By The Waggonload

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - Chaldrons Back By The Waggonload

The genesis of our "Powering Britain" range, the humble but rather cute Chaldron black waggons really took many modellers by surprise when we first announced them in the Autumn of 2021. Indeed, very few people saw us beyond being a "modern image" (worst term ever!) company, despite us working away on projects such as our Manor steam locomotives. Both eyebrows and questions were raised about the wisdom of doing such rolling stock.

However, our gamble in our quest to tell the whole story of coal traffic in Britain during the history of the railways paid off, as they were very well received by pre-grouping and industrial modellers since their arrival into stock late last year. Some of the most popular liveries sold out in quicktime, while there was demand for other railway markings too.

So, we are now filling that gap with a whole new run, bringing back favourites and announcing some new liveries!

Pack M: Seaham Dock Co. - Three 4T ‘Black Waggons’, in three body styles, circa 1950s

A pack that was very popular with industrial modellers was our first Seaham Harbour pack. Seaham Harbour was the final stronghold of the Chaldron waggon fleets and the Vane-Tempest/Londonderry/Seaham Dock Co. fleets could almost be considered to be one, such was the intertwined history of the collieries. 

To compliment the first pack, we have this latest pack with all new running numbers which once again is likely to be a big hit with 1950s industrial modellers.

Pack L: North Eastern Railway - Three P1 style Chaldrons, circa 1890

Our most popular pack from the first run, and the railway most synonymous with the Chaldrons was of course the North Eastern Railway (NER). Once again we have gone for three all new running numbers to compliment the last pack and capture the look of these wagons around the 1890s.

Pack O: The Harton Coal Company


With two sets of Staiths on the River Tyne, the area around South Shields was the centre of the Harton Coal Company’s operations, its pits being linked by an extensive railway system. This system was electrified in 1907, and the Chaldrons were a common sight on the system until the inter-war years, when the fleet was disbanded, with a number of differing lettering styles being utilised.
Two P1 style Chaldrons and an S&DR style Chaldron, circa 1910.

Pack N: The Throckley Coal Company

Formed in 1867, the Throckley Coal Company owned a number of pits to the west of Newcastle, on the north bank of the River Tyne, and were linked to Staiths situated at Leamington by two separate railway branches. Throckley’s fleet of Chaldrons were in use right up to 1947, when they were scrapped by burning, and the company was one of the few that fitted their ex-NER P1 Chaldrons with additional ‘greedy boards’.Three P1 style Chaldrons, two fitted with additional ‘Greedy Boards’, circa 1946.

"So, four lovely packs, but when are they due? Surely it's ages and ages away?" 

Well, no! They're currently in production and due in stock in Q2 of this year. 

"Well, okay then, that's pretty quick. But I bet the prices have gone up, right?" 

Nope, same great price of just £44.99 per triple pack and our same great 10% off when you buy two packs or more and free postage and packaging.

Check out the Chaldrons by clicking here!

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