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New Announcement: Pre-TOPS BR Hopper Wagons Are Back!

New Announcement: Pre-TOPS BR Hopper Wagons Are Back!

For our latest announcement we decided to go back to where it all began! We have produced a new run of our first model for the British market, the 24.5-ton coal hopper wagon ,which later received the TOPs code ‘HUO’, in pre TOPS condition in new running numbers and identities. It truly is a "Throwback Thursday"!

A total of 5,263 wagons were built by BR from 1954 for transporting coal and coke throughout Britain until their withdrawal in the mid 1980s, with many entering private use at collieries upon retirement by British Rail.



The model, which is of the 3121 (1958), 3221 (1959), 3314(1960), 3374 (1961), 3426 (1962 – listed 1/154 pattern but the design is actually identical), and 3437 (1962) pattern, marked the debut for us in the British market in 2018 and sold out completely in pre-TOPS guise within a few months of arrival.



Due to customer demand, we have now produced four new packs of three wagons in pre-TOPS guise with new running numbers, allowing modellers to lengthen their rakes of wagons as well as cater for modellers who missed out first time round and/or are new to our brand. These have now arrived in stock and are available for immediate dispatch!



The humble hopper set the tone for us, featuring a wealth of detail and fidelity not commonly found on British outline wagons previously. This includes:



  • Sprung buffers
  • NEM coupling housing
  • RP25 110 darkened profile wheelsets
  • Factory-fitted wire handrails
  • Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts
  • Individual lettering and markings from real wagons
  • Built to scale tolerances to allow easy conversion to EM and P4 standards

Due to the COVID19 pandemic manufacturing time was limited in China, resulting in a lower than desired production run size. It is recommended that you order early to avoid disappointment, as witnessed with the recent PFA wagons selling out within hours of going on sale.

Each pack of three wagons is priced at £69.95, with a bundle deal for all four packs for £250 available on our website with free postage and packaging for the UK included. The wagons are in stock and ready to order by clicking here, and with “Accurascale Approved” Stockists in the coming days!

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