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New Announcement: Scottish Growlers with Car Headlight!

New Announcement: Scottish Growlers with Car Headlight!

Another show, another new announcement! It has become a bit of a trademark for us to announce something new at each show we attend, and Model Rail Scotland 2020 is no different.

Of course, our quest in producing the definitive Class 37 is all about covering Class 37 variants that have yet to be produced in OO gauge. For Model Rail Scotland 2020 there is only one variant of our new Class 37 locomotive that we could launch which covers both this geographical location and our goal of new Type 3's.

Therefore, we are very pleased to reveal the latest in our range of never-before produced English Electric Type 3s, the Scottish split headcode Class 37/0s with working 'car style' headlight!

Before the square high-intensity headlight became ubiquitous, Eastfield and Inverness depots began installing what was basically a car headlamp on a bracket to their steam heat 37s to improve visibility at ungated/farm crossings when working to Fort William/Mallaig/Oban and the West Highland and Far North lines.

Over 30 splitbox machines were so equipped from 1984, with 11 centre headcode examples also gaining the safety feature. On the arrival of the Class 37/4s many of the Scottish 37/0s were drafted into the refurbishment programme then underway at Crewe Works, while those that survived were redeployed on freight services north and south of the border. They retained their headlamps into the early 1990s before swapping them for the square style headlight.

The Accurascale Class 37/0 with 'car style' headlight continues the impressive attention to detail set by previous versions of this classic locomotive revealed in November and December last year. With two distinct roof rivet patterns and several body sill variations, each locomotive features a unique and authentic body configuration.

Even more exciting are the four new liveries, BR blue with white sill stripe, large logo, Railfreight Distribution and Railfreight Metals, which we hope will satisfy some of the clamouring for 1980-90s paint schemes that we've received over the last few months.

As with our previously announced Class 37s, the specification for this model is industry leading, with a wealth of separately applied detail and meticulously researched variations. TThis era of Class 37 allows us to offer something new to modellers of 1980s BR Blue, Large Logo and the early sectorisation era, so they can also enjoy the new generation of Syphons in 4mm.

All four models will be offered in DC/DCC Ready and DCC Sound Fitted formats, with a twin speaker set up with ESU Loksound 5 sound chip fitted to all sound models. Our high quality specification includes; all-wheel drive, helical gearing, full and accurate lighting packages as per prototypes, stay-alive power pack to provide excellent performance over dirty track, large 5 pole centrally mounted can motor with twin flywheels and a heavy metal chassis. Capping it all off is an accurate body shape capturing the character of these amazing locomotives and exhaustive attention to detail variants between individual locos.

Prices are £169.99 for DC/DCC Ready models and £259.99 for sound fitted models. A £30 deposit secures your order with us direct, or you can order with our network of Accurascale Approved stockists. Delivery is due in Late 2020. You can place your order here:


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