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Rawie Buffer Stop Update

Rawie Buffer Stop Update

As you may have guessed, a lot of challenges present themselves when it comes to making models. They can be complex beasts mechanically, or the correct shape can be difficult to master.

We have taken on some complex models, like the Deltic, Class 92 and the Mark 5 Driving Trailer, so we are not afraid of a challenge. However, one of the most challenging to get right has been (don't laugh!) the humble Rawie buffer stop.

We haven't reported on it so much recently, but we have been working hard with China in the background, and FINALLY have some production samples to show you!

Our very first samples were a touch fragile, so we changed some of the tooling. The second samples exploded when they even saw a length of track, the third ones would not keep paint on them no matter what we did, and now finally it seems 4th time lucky!

Taking into account different track codes, keeping it looking like a scale model but robust enough to withstand a bit of a rough shunt has been a mega challenge, but we feel the balance is finally right! Dodgy white paint and the absence of the second LED on the black pole (which should be red) aside, they look and work pretty good! Corrections have gone to the factory and are now hitting production. Delivery is expected in mid-November.

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