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Update on Cemflo / PCV Powder Wagon Schedule

Update on Cemflo / PCV Powder Wagon Schedule

We've been pretty excited about our entry to the UK market. Our HUO Hoppers have gone down a treat, winning plaudits from modellers and magazines alike, with some variants already sold out. We're pretty excited about our forthcoming Cemflo wagon too, but despite rapid design progress, sometimes a delay from somewhere not envisaged can kick in. These delays might even be something that didn't directly affect you initially, but sometimes these occurrences can have a chain reaction and you have to operate for the greater good.

What is this rambling about I hear you ask? Well, sadly we must inform you that there has been a delay in the progress of its forthcoming PCV ‘Cemflo’ wagon due to the recent factory closure in China. But there is good news too!

While we did not use the factory in question, we did have good relationships with some of the manufacturers involved with this sudden closure. They are good companies with good people working for them to serve us all. To mitigate against the potential loss of jobs and these companies to the modelling community, we have agreed to share production space in our factory with some of these companies where possible.

This has meant an unfortunate delay in the production of the Cemflo wagon. However, due to the goodwill shared by us in this situation, it was possible to a renegotiate a lower production price, which we can pass onto you as compensation for this delay. This will result in a partial refund to customers who have already placed an order, and a new lower purchase price for new customers. So, you get some money back for this delay. Has that ever been done in this industry before?

The new purchase price for a single wagon is £24.95, a saving of £1 and a triple pack is now £69.95, a saving of £4. There will reductions on the rake deals too, with £399.95 for the TOPS bundle, a saving of £35.05, and £459.95 for the pre-TOPS bundle, a large saving of £40.05 on previous prices. Existing customers can opt to have this refund in cash transferred back to your payment card or PayPal accounts, or you can have it as a credit note with an additional 20% added to use against a future purchase from the Accurascale website. So refund plus 20% against one of the (many) future models we have coming your way, with no time limit. This means you can wait and see what you want to spend it on in the future matching your plans and era!

To avail of this refund, contact us directly via info@accurascale.co.uk with your order number and state your preference for a partial cash refund or the 20% bonus credit note scheme.

We anticipate that a pre-production sample will be ready in time for the Great Electric Train Show in Milton Keynes on October 13-14th, with delivery now slated for April 2019.

We understand that this delay is frustrating, and it is not in our usual ethos, but we hope you understand that the decision was made to help safeguard the futures of other companies and their staff and to help serve the model railway industry for many years to come.

We will also make our next all new 4mm scale model announcement at the Milton Keynes show. We hope to see you there!

Thanks for all your understanding and support as ever.

The Accurascale Team
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