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What A Beast! A First Look at our KUA...

What A Beast! A First Look at our KUA...

What has 16 wheels and weighs even more than it looks? No, this is not a Class 40 announcement (sorry to disappoint!), but it is a first look at our forthcoming KUA Nuclear flask wagon! 

We received the first engineering prototype of this impressive beast from China last week, and have spent the last seven days running the rule over her and providing feedback to China. There is a lot we are happy with, such as the finesse and detail above the bogies, the bogies themselves, the chassis and the centre cover. 

These beasts were built by Bombardier/Prorail of Wakefield in 1998 and designed to carry spent nuclear fuel from Royal Navy nuclear submarines from their bases at Devonport and Rosyth to Sellafield for disposal. They can still be seen in service today and make the perfect companion for our forthcoming range of DRS Class 37s

The wagon has sheer presence and a hefty weight to match, with the chassis and beam for the bogies constructed in die cast metal! However, there will be improvements made too, with the handrails gaining some attention before production. 

The walkway thread plate will also be added before we receive the decorated samples, as well as other minor adjustments. Fit and finish of first engineering prototypes is always patchy and this will be improved before production before any plaudits can be received. However, overall these magnificent beasts are well on their way to the shelves despite these minor adjustments. 

Delivery for our KUA twin pack is slated for November 2020. Price is £159.95 per twin pack and with over 50% of the production run pre-ordered already they are proving very popular indeed. You can order them from our Accurascale Approved retail network, or direct via this link! 

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