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55018 Ballymoss

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DCC: DCC Ready

55018 – ‘Ballymoss’

  • BR blue with white trim
  • Headcode: plated over
  • Windscreen wipers: two per pane
  • Train heating: ETH
  • Leading cab side window: plated over
  • Horn position: top of nose
  • Nose front sandbox hatches: plated over
  • Battery compartment louvres: present
  • High intensity headlight: not fitted
  • Windshield air vents: present
  • Upper central lamp iron: fitted
  • Bogies: cast

Common Features:

  • Highly detailed OO scale model, 1:76.2
  • Die-cast Alloy metal chassis
  • Provided DCC ready [21Pin MTX Socket] or Factory DCC Sound Fitted
  • Timeframe specific details, including but not limited to;
    • Bogies (Cast and Fabricated)
    • Horn positions
    • Exhaust ports
    • Headcode panels
    • Windscreen wipers
    • Cab side windows
    • Sandbox hatches
    • Louvres
    • Headlights
    • Cab air vents
    • Train heating equipment
    • Lamp irons
    • Shed codes
  • Separately applied etched metal and high fidelity plastic detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers, nameplates, crests and more.
  • Correct height mini-tension-lock couplers with NEM socket as well as a fully detailed bufferbeam
  • High Performance traction, to include;
    • Five-Pole motor with two flywheels
    • Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running
    • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h)
    • DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
    • All wheel drive and all wheel pickup
  • Fully detailed Lighting Pack, including:
    • Directional lighting, DC and DCC
    • Marker lights can be turned off when train is coupled to loco
    • High intensity headlight function where applicable
    • Separately switched cab lighting and illuminated, details driver’s console, auto off on movement
    • Engine bay lighting
  • RP25-110 wheels OO wheels with provision for re-gauging to p4 and EM gauge
  • Two quality speakers with large sound capsules for best possible sound (*on sound fitted models)
  • Fully sprung metal buffers
  • Extra fine factory-fitted pipework
Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Tim L.

Really pleased to get another Deltic and even more so in that, out of the box, this is a superb runner from an alost imperceptible crawl upwards. There is a minor issue as the speaker rattled because there were no speaker clips fitted. Bought a pair (shouldn't have had to do that) but they came without screws. I'm now waiting for support to confirm they will supply these, which I'm sure they will as support has always been excellent in the past.

bryan j.

Top model


Stunning... if this is a sign of things to come from Accurascale then I can't wait for the 37's to come and blow the competition even further out the water.

Alexander F.
A Finsbury Park icon!

When we think of railway history and that of Deltics in particular, one place comes to mind, Finsbury Park TMD.

When Accurascale announced that they were going to be manufacturing the iconic ECML machines, an FP example with the famous 'White Cabs' was an absolute must for me, and 'Ballymoss' fitted the bill perfectly. Sadly, I never got to experience the Deltics in the prime of their careers, but the opportunity to own such a fine locomotive in model form was an opportunity not to be missed. Accurascale really have done wonders with these Deltics.

The packaging, presentation, quality, and of course, the distinctive sound, is second to none. I was really blown away when I started her up. The complexity of both the lighting and sound functions goes above and beyond for OO gauge. Then again, given the fact that I own a number of their excellent wagons, it was hardly surprising that this was the case. Whether or not my neighbours approve of the Napier sounds each morning is open for some debate. :)

An excellent model and highly recommended, you won't be disappointed!


Very good product I can

mike c.

It's a EE Deltic in model form, 'nuff said really!!
I've had 018 in various Model forms over may, many years and this IS the Top Shed Version and was worth the wait.

Josh W.
55018 Ballymoss

Like all my Accurascale Deltics, an amazing model, incredible detail and great fun to operate.

Jon M.
A faithfully accurate model

My latest addition to the fleet was three Accurascale Deltic locomotives, this review is for 55018 Ballymoss.

My first impression of the model was the string Finsbury Park white window surrounds which makes it stand out from the everyday BR blue locomotives, along with the crisp printing of the numbers and nameplates. There are additional etched nameplates in the accessory pack that can be fitted if you desire.
There are two full sets of additional pipework for the buffer beams to be added at the expense of the coupling on that particular end. These packs really compliment the nose ends and are reasonably easy to fit.
My model is analogue and all testing was done in this configuration. The locomotive can be driven at a crawl with no stalling or hesitation. Smooth and silent operation throughout the power and speed range was observed with a compliment of 10 Mk2 coaches. The locomotive negotiated pointwork easily at reasonable speeds too.
Conversion to DCC is simple with a removable central section of roof giving access to the blanking plate and 21 pin interface.
The locomotive benefits from working directional lights and tail lights, cab lights and illuminated dials and clocks. These can be switched to operate on analogue but are fully controllable on DCC.

All in all, a great model worthy of any layout. If you're considering purchasing one..... just do it, you won't be disappointed.

John S.
Class 55 Deltic Ballymoss - The Ultimate Deltic model

This model is an outstanding work of art. The shape, the fitted details, the colours, the working features, the sound, the smooth running and haulage power are all breath taking.

You feel the weight as soon as you lift her out of the box, then you see all the details both inside and out.. we are spoilt for choice with lighting options, almost as if each diode has its own switch. The sound is the sharpest on any of my sound fitted locos, as for grunt, she needs space to run, she will pull a house down and thanks to its flywheels and stay alives, she won’t stop suddenly on dead piece of track (or work surface if the track runs out!).

A model of this quality, needs a respectful owner. She copes with my track very well, but obviously she won’t be suited to loose fitted track on a carpet!
The bogies are scale width for EM/P4 conversion. As I do mainly southern in OO, I did find the guard irons catching on the 3rd rail (you can either trim them back a mm or avoid sections with 3rd rail).
One surprise are the separately fitted hand brake chains between the bogies and loco body. I had one drop off (they are detachable to remove the body) and I found a missing piece 4 days later stuck in a point frog! I reenforced these attachments on the body with diluted wood glue (to ensure the body can still be removed if required).

Of course an excellent loco comes with excellent support. Accurascale are second to none here, they are professional end to end.

My only slight gripe is the box it comes in. It is huge. Granted this helps to ensures the model arrives in excellent condition. The down side is my storage boxes can only hold 6 of them vs 20 of the big players. But that is really a small pathetic issue to complain about!

Overall we finally have a model that makes you feel like you are standing next to the prototype in miniature form. Both stationary and when underway blasting sound.

Graham W.
Epitome of a Deltic

I received my model of Finsbury Park Deltic "Ballymoss", together with three green Deltics, last week. I was very impressed with the detail and finish of the models. These models really capture the character of the Deltic locomotives, a class I became aquainted with in service on a visit to England in 1980 and in preservation on subsequent visits. I would certainly like more if there is to be further batch produced ("Alycidon" and "The Green Howards" would be rather nice).
I was surprised at the generous size of the model's box, however. The size of the shipping carton when delivered (containing four deltics) momentarily made me think I might have been sent a 12 inch to one foot scale Deltic in error.
In summary I am very pleased with the models and look forward to further Accurascale locos and rolling stock.

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