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Mixed Q3 Hopper - Grouping transition period: 1910-22 NER Blue/1923-37 LNER Grey - Triple Pack

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Mixed Q3 Hopper - Grouping transition period: 1910-22 NER Blue/1923-37 LNER Grey - Triple Pack

8 plank, 23 ton Diagram Q3.
  • Two types of end stanchion tooled: NER wooden or LNER metal ‘T’ bar type from 1925 onwards. After 1926, the bottom sections of any remaining wooden stanchions were removed.
  • Side chains were fitted to NER Northern Division examples until 1916 and have been catered for.
  • Tooling for anti-friction gear, with double axle-guards, as fitted to new wagons between 1904 until circa 1916 and retained when anti-friction gear removed.
  • Differing brake arrangements tooled: Built with Morton double shoe per wheel clasp brakes, then with Morton single shoe per wheel pattern brakes when anti-friction gear removed.
  • Handbrakes can be end, or side fitted, with two types of side handbrake arrangement catered for.
  • Two types of axle-box tooled: S4 double axleguard (10" x 5") and No.3 (10" x 5") when ant-friction gear removed.
  • Die-cast metal chassis with plastic body.
  • Scale length of 80mm over headstocks for all four types, 30.67 wide for P6 and 32mm for P7, P8 and Q3.
  • Wheelbase of 42mm, allowing operation over a minimum radius of 371mm (1st radius set-track).
  • Tooling covers three different body designs, with regional and era variations for each.
  • Brake blocks fitted and aligned with wheels.
  • RP25.110 chemically blackened OO gauge split spoke wheels, set into blackened brass bearings and conforming to accurascale standards of 14.4mm back-to-back on 2mm axles over 26mm pinpoints.
  • Eroded metal, plastic and wire detail parts, including (but not limited to) handrails, grab handles, side-door handles, lamp brackets, brake gear, draw gear and anti-friction gear.
  • Representation of internal body detail
  • Turned metal sprung buffers.
  • Small tension locks fitted, set into small, self-centring NEM housings.
  • Authentic livery, markings and numbers, accurate to time period modelled.

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