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Decorated 16 Tonner Samples Revealed

Decorated 16 Tonner Samples Revealed

Announced in September as our latest mammoth new wagon release range, our take on the humble 16 ton mineral wagon family has proved a big hit among modellers.

Excited to see where we take the latest addition to our "Powering Britain" range of coal wagons, modellers have been sending in pre-orders by the bucket load direct and via our retail network.

We can now present you with further excitement and a full progress report as we show the first decorated samples that we have received from the factory.

As ever, even at this stage, there are still some niggles to address with the decoration samples - some to do with the decoration itself and some to do with the models, as the addition of paint reveals some gremlins in the bodywork:

  • Paint coverage and (in places) density.
  • Paint masking.
  • Colour matching (mainly on the BR Freight Grey, which needs to be a fraction darker in tone).
  • Refining the fit and assembly of some parts.
  • Changing the part material used in certain areas.
  • Eliminating some areas where sinkage has occurred during the injection process.

Naturally, all these issues will be addressed as part of the refinement process ahead of production. In the meantime, let's feast on some pictures!

With these wagons progressing as anticipated, we can confirm that they are on course for delivery in Q3 of 2024 as per initial announcement. Priced at just £74.95 per triple pack, with our usual 10% off when you buy two or more packs, and free postage and packaging when you buy direct, they yet again offer unbeatable value for money when it comes to the latest tooled, highest quality and detailed wagons.

With a huge 20 different packs to make up the first run between general releases in BR livery, a selection of private owner sets reflecting later use in industrial railway settings and Accurascale Exclusive packs yet to be announced (roll on tomorrow!) it gives the modeller great potential to build large prototypical rakes along with a few wagons to add to a classic mixed freight operation.

Pre-order via your local stockist, or direct by clicking the link below!

Pre-Order Your 16 Ton Mineral Wagons Right Here!

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