BFK 17107— Accurascale Neidio i'r cynnwys

BFK 17107

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accurascale yn falch iawn o ddatgelu’r ychwanegiad diweddaraf i’w hystod o gerbydau a gafodd dderbyniad da, sef cyfres Mk.2b o hyfforddwyr, un o nifer o is-ddosbarthiadau ‘dolen goll’ nad ydynt erioed wedi’u cynhyrchu mewn ffurf o ansawdd uchel ar raddfa 4mm. Wedi'i adeiladu yn Litchurch Lane, Derby, yn ystod 1969, adeiladwyd 111 o gerbydau ar gyfer British Rail i dri chynllun; Twristiaid yn Ail Agored (TSO), Coridor yn Gyntaf (FK) a Choridor Brake yn Gyntaf (BFK).

Nodweddion Cyffredin:

  • Mesurydd OO manwl iawn / Modelau Graddfa 1:76.2 ar drac 16.5mm
  • Manylion rhybed allanol hynod gain ar ben y to a choetsis
  • Rhannau metel ysgythru a phlastig ffyddlondeb uchel wedi'u cymhwyso ar wahân, gan gynnwys canllawiau, pibellau gwres brêc/stêm, ceblau a socedi ETH, camau troed, cwplwr migwrn dymi, ac fentiau to
  • Gwydredd Rhydd Prism
  • Byrddau cyrchfan a dalwyr Rhanbarth y Gorllewin wedi'u rhag-baentio/argraffu ynghyd â gorchuddion llenwi dŵr a ddarperir i'r cwsmer eu gosod
  • Tanffram llawn manwl gyda nifer o rannau ar wahân, rhediadau pibellau a gwahaniaethau cywir rhwng fersiynau
  • Y bogies B4 a B5 mwyaf cywir a gynhyrchwyd erioed, gyda darpariaeth ar gyfer ailfesur i fesuryddion EM neu P4 (Prydeinig 18.83mm neu Wyddelig 21mm)
  • setiau olwyn proffil du RP25.110 gyda mesuriadau cefn wrth gefn 14.4mm, a 26mm dros binbwyntiau
  • Gwahanol glustogau ar gyfer safleoedd sydd wedi'u tynnu'n ôl a safleoedd heb eu tynnu'n ôl
  • Tu mewn cywir gyda chynhalydd pen 'adenydd' nodweddiadol, canllawiau mewnol metel ar wahân ar y brêc a'r cerbydau coridor ac adran gard manwl
  • Uchder cywir Socedi cyplu safonol NEM gyda chyplyddion clo tensiwn mini a chyplydd agos cinematig
  • Trosiad hawdd i gyplyddion migwrn sy'n gydnaws â Kadee

  • Pecyn goleuo llawn, gan gynnwys
    • goleuadau mewnol a reolir gan 'ffon' magnet
    • Cynhwysydd 'Stay-Alive' ym mhob hyfforddwr
    • goleuadau cyfeiriadol gyda rheolydd DC neu DCC (Trelar Gyrru yn unig)

  • Isafswm Radiws 438mm (2il Radiws Trac Set)
  • Hyd Hyfforddwr: 269mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Steve P.
Top quality coaching stock

Simply the best coaching stock on the market today

Mark V.
The good old days of the pork pie’s and curling sandwiches

Yet another great model by you guys well made fully detailed and easy to navigate and add people inside.
Recommend to anyone if you can purchase some or hopefully a rerun batch produced.

Daniel C.
Accurascale model of a oo scale coach

The best model of a MK2 coach

John K.
Mk2b coaches

Amazing quality, fidelity. Well done again.


Very pleased with the mk2bs a great modelm

Andrew D.
The great accurascale Mk2b's

I was pleased to add BFK 17107 to my other recently purchased Mk2b accurascale coaches so as to make a nice rake of up to eight vehicles. The detail is exceptionally good and just as I remember of the prototypes from the active rail enthusiast days of my youth!

The fine detail on the underframe as a whole is astonishingly good, but noteworthy its legible and crisply defined lettering, both printed in white on blue and moulded on toilet water heating control boxes, is stunningly good, particularly when viewed under a magnifying lens.

The provision of buffers in both the retracted position (for when buckeye coupled to another vehicle), and, in their usable, saddle fitted extended length (for when **** coupled to another vehicle or locomotive), is an exceptionally nice touch. And, those buffers are just right, the shape, tapers and curvatures of the heads is spot on. Well done!

However, one detail that I certainly don't recall from my youth is the lack of Inter-City labels on the sides of the vehicles accurascale have represented from, I presume, their first entry into service. I thought that this branding was applied to all Mk2 types from the air braked Mk2a variants (onwards) once they entered service following the vacuum braked Mk2(s).

I may well have this wrong, and even though I recall these vehicles being hauled by Western hydraulics of class 52 I just never saw the Mk2b's at an early enough time to have registered this in my head. But either way it made me buy this IC branded example to supplement the non branded BFK 14111 that I received first after preorder.

One other labelling issue that, to be honest, grates a tad is the location of the vehicle number on the van end of the coach. Aesthetically BR made the effort to apply these squarely under the nearest window or a blank panel between windows, and, or doors. On the other side of the coach the fleet number is properly fitted squarely beneath the lavatory window, but this should be the same on the van end, squarely beneath the right hand end van window (in the side corridor). That the number is actually offset to the right of the window just looks wrong, it rather spoils the look and given this didn't generally happen in reality does somewhat slightly tarnish the look of this otherwise fantastic model.

I love the idea of a choice of curtain 'styles' to attach into the first class compartments, but, to be honest, as these vehicles' 1st class compartments when in blue and grey livery had orange curtains for the duration it is a bit of a faff to have to stick them in; but, good they are, so it's not really a criticism, although advice as to how to best do this curtain hanging is sadly lacking on the otherwise informative booklet of vehicle history and exploded diagrams of each vehicle model.

All in all, another excellent accurascale model, as with my other Mk2b's. Can RTR coaches in OO gauge get better than this? I have my doubts.

'Many thanks for the review and the very positive words about the Accurascale Mk.2b coach. As the history in the leaflet provided with the model states, the Inter-City branding did not debut until September 1970 by which point BR was well on with building the Mk.2c variants. The lettering was retrospectively applied to the Mk.2b (and other earlier Mk.2 coaches) in due course and photographic evidence suggests this was completed by around 1973. Regarding the position of the number on the van end of the Mk.2b BFK, extensive reference to photos suggests that the number was rarely 'squarely under the window' ( In their as built condition they were actually located in the same place as the number on the passenger end on the other side. It wasn't until the air-con builds that the number appeared to be centered under the rear window on the van side and this didn't filter through until the 1980s on the earlier PV types. Finally, we are preparing a series of tutorials for adding the additional details to the models and these will be uploaded to our website soon.'

Derek B.
Stunning Mk2s!

I've bought a rake of these MK2s to go with my previous (and future) Accurascale BR Blue locos. They are stunning models with incredible interanl and external detailing. I can't wait for the Mk2Cs (and maybe more types?)!

Tim J.
Only in passing....but thank goodness I was!

Wasnt looking for any coaches at the time but Accurascale got me again!.. It was then not a case of which one but how many before they all got snapped up!. I got six Blue & Grey in the end and frankly you cant be disappointed by these models. I knew it would be good from the weight of the outer packaging. Accurascale have made everyone ( well most) raise their game in this regard. But the model inside is truly epic and a joy to own. Who knows one day I may even have a railway to use it on. In the meantime it sits on the shelf with the others on display behind a couple of my Class 50s. Whether that's prototypical I have no idea, not being a rivet counter but they look good none the less. Like all the Accurascale models I already have, this coach and its siblings are sublime and really show how it should and can be done for the right money!

Chris B.
Great coach

Excellent detail.

Matthew V.
Probably the best coaches I own

Excellent coaches, the detail and lighting is incredible especially the stay alive, glad to have got 3 when they went up for sale as they look perfect on my small double oval layout.

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