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Absolutely stunning

Can’t fault this 66, not only is it a stunning model it also gives back to a much deserved charity ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Diesel Tanks review

Wagons are nicely finished and have some nice weight to them and additional items packed securely. I do wonder though why two wagons are stencilled with product description and 3rd wagon left blank, this does seem as if a mistake was made.

Oil tank wagons

Absolutely excellent looking models that capture the real thing in miniature.

CIE Tank Wagons

these are just esquite tank wagons and are the best I have ever seen, I would like and hope that a second series of three will be produced just as soon as space on the chinese production line permits

The best….

I am very happy . A dream.

Fuel Tankers

Fantastic models captured the essense of the originals

Fantastic model

Yet another fantastic model from Accurascale. I was fortunate to get one of the "spare" models after the initial batch sold out.

Accurascale have done a great job of sorting out the problems with the original Hattons' version of this model and the rotating axle box issue seems to have been solved, subject to longer running. Separating the body from the chassis is a lot easier now, it took about 10 minutes to remove the body, replace the buffer beam, add crew and replace the body, and no sign of any damage to the ladders.

Wonderful tank wagons

A really neat pack of three unique wagons Weathering awaits.

Fuel tankers

Very nice models, but why are the buffers 23mm apart (4ft 8.5in gauge). rather than 25mm for 5ft 3in gauge. It would have been nice to have a location for the brakes to be easily moved out to align with scale wheels. This applies to all the Bulied undeframes. The ability to drop in scale wheels i’d very welcome.

CIE/IR Mk.2b/c Passenger Coach

Another top class item from IRM well done.

Excellent models

Very good models and extremely well detailed. Very happy with them!

tank wagons

Another excellent product from IRM.

A very authentic sound decoder


A great addition that brings my model of 92003 alive


A superb addition that brings my model of 55015 alive

Very pleased with figures to go with my excellent manor class loco, now waiting for the other crew that’s out of stock,driver sitting on seat.

Class 66 DCC Sound decoders

Excellect sound quality, excellent price, and a doddle to fit. Shame the speaker clips are not available yet but, as the speakers (with cone covers downwards) are a tight push fit into the apperture, I'll probably not bother with the clips when they arrive anyway.


Excellent Model compliments my small goods yard.

Using IRM B4 Bogies to convert Murphy Cravens coaches to 21mm

Bought these as Murphy bogies cannot be converted without major surgery. IRM can be converted to 21mm but fiddly to get gauge right due split axle construction. Any chance you could do axles set to 21mm? Also why are brake shoes moulded to 16.5mm gauge? That said once adjusted and fitted they look great and my Cravens look and run well on the correct gauge.

Leyland Olympian - Dublin Bus Cityswift - 13A

Recently got the Dublin Bus Cityswift 13a route from IRM and once again I wasn't disappointed, lovely Leyland Olympian in Cityswift livery ,loads of detail on the model, delighted to have one in my collection, great service from IRM as always.

Stunning Class 66

This is my 3rd Accurascale Class 66 purchase after being so impressed by the first two. Detail, weight & performance all top quality.

The Perfect Class 66

I have been looking for class 66 from other manufacturers including Hatton, Bachmann since some time and lucky I got this one.

Fastest delivery possible at that price point to Australia, and once I ran it, was very smooth and had a nice weight to it as it should for a freighter.

I played with the sound slots and functions a little as I got the LokProgrammer, and you may see in the video that I added some random functions while the drive is on, to make it more convenient and alive, but you won’t need to otherwise. The brake sound does not play in loop (it is an one time hiss than a squeal as it is in the original one), maybe it would be great if Accurascale tried to give us that as a small update to the project file.

I made the axle box rotation (they should be credited for that perfect thing as it is a first time accurate implementation in British Rail modelling IMO) visible by some soft acrylic paint touch, that just adds that extra detail visible. Some people have commented on absence of the spirax valve sound, it has that sound while shutting the engine down, and really that is all you need. My other wish was if they added the dial lights in that otherwise beautifully done cabin, but maybe in the next run?

If ESU makes it possible to unlock individual sound slots while allowing us to add more sound in the free slots what would open up a new window of opportunity for modellers, but that is beyond control of Accurascale so no complains about that. Finally, this seems to have a powerful motor needed for a heavy loco. It has the perfect balance for value for money.

66122 sound Fitted

Another faultless loco, thank you guys.

The sounds of a Shed

Cracking clear crisp sound

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