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BR 21T COAL21VB/MDV - Bauxite Pre-TOPS- Pack C

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Vagones MDV/21VB de carbón de 21 toneladas de los ferrocarriles británicos
Paquete múltiple de tres vagones

Contiene tres vagones, numerados:

  • B312005
  • B312482K
  • B313499
  • Bauxite, librea Pre-TOPS
  • Patrón 1/120
  • Tampones OLEO
  • Cajas de eje con rodamientos de rodillos
  • Introducido en 1961
  • 3950 vagones construidos con este patrón
  • Puertas abatibles adicionales en los costados, que MDO no llevó
  • Permaneció en servicio hasta 1992
  • Corrió en rastrillos de bloques y se mezcló con otros vagones de carbón, como minerales de 16 t (MCO), tolvas de 21 t (HTV), minerales de 24,5 t (MEO), etc.

Características comunes:

  • Paquete de tres vagones, cada uno con números individuales
  • Bolsillos de acoplador estándar NEM
  • Acopladores de bloqueo de tensión estrecha incluidos
  • Piezas de plástico de detalle extra finas instaladas en fábrica y topes con resortes
  • Letras y códigos individuales de vagones reales para mayor autenticidad

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Billy V.
    Lovely wagons

    Excellent model and with fitted coals loads are superb.

    John W.
    Accurascale BR 21T COAL21VB/MDV - Bauxite Pre-TOPS- Pack C

    Superb in every respect - incredible detail, some just robust enough for intense running. Can I use my reward points from your UK branch ?

    mike c.
    Rolling on with 21 someThings

    A ubiquitous wagon that allows another Block Train or Pick Up/Trip working to be modelled.

    Ideal for every modeler from those with a roundy - roundy to those who love using all sorts of paints, washes and powders to produce a wonder of weathering in 4mm scale!

    Get Some, Then Get Some more !!!

    Alexander J.C.
    Fabulous MDVs

    The details on these models are fabulous. I ordered the Rails exclusive M & C metals edition because these ran in my home area in Scotland where I was brought up. I also ordered the Rails Jenny Kirk exclusive in bauxite livery. I intended to run this with Hornby MDVs but the Accurascale model really puts the Hornby version to shame so I ended up ordering a further pack of bauxite liveried MDVs from Accurascale. Get them while you still can, you will not be disappointed!

    David R.
    Excellent in every way

    Very happy with my first purchase from Accurascale. Everything from the fine level of detail to the paint finish is excellent. I have nothing bad at all to say about accurascale and this product. We have a couple of preordered locos too, which I cannot wait to see in the flesh. Keep doing what you're doing accurascale :)

    Cameron W.
    One of the BEST!

    It is so refreshing to see the likes of Accurascale tackling the once every day wagons that have been overlooked by other manufacturers. The HUO's were the first to come and they were exquisite, and these MDO's & MDV's are the icing on the cake. The detail in the MDV underframe in particular is exceptional. A very happy customer, who just can't get enough of these Accurascale products! I look forward to more minerals and hoppers of the era from Accurascale. :)

    Tim G.
    Exceptional model

    Great model, highly impress with the amount of little details that have been added by Accurascale to increase the the value for money for the end modeler. My only wish would be for them to issue a pre-weather version and save me the time :-).

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