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Class 66 - Freightliner Orange - 66415 - DCC Sound Fitted

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Clase 66 - Freightliner Orange - 66415 - Sonido DCC equipado


Highly detailed OO scale model, 1:76.2 scale

  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track)
  • Die-cast metal chassis.
  • RP25-110 profile OO wheels
  • Separately applied etched metal/plastic detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers, etc.
  • Scale width wire handrails
  • Full underframe tank detail with brackets and pipework
  • Fully sprung buffers, factory-fitted pipework and screw couplings (for display)
  • Dummy knuckle couplers fitted where relevant
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height and mini-tension-lock couplers
  • “Easi-mag” lift off roof panel to access the decoder and DC light switches

Deluxe Features

  • PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
  • Customised Dual-Speaker Technology with large ‘Accurathrash’ Style Bass Speaker and smaller 'iphone' style cube for higher frequencies (on DCC Sound-fitted models only)
  • Hall sensor for flange squeal effect (on DCC Sound-fitted models only)

DCC Features

  • DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
  • DCC ready [21-Pin MTX Socket] or Factory-Fitted DCC Sound options

High Performance Traction features

  • Five-Pole motor with two flywheels
  • Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve minimum scale top speed of 75 mph (120kph)
  • All wheel drive and all wheel pickup Fully detailed Lighting Pack features
  • Directional lighting, DC and DCC
  • Switchable Red and white marker lights with day/night options
  • Separately switched cab lighting, auto/off on movement

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Gary S.
Superb Model for a Good Cause

Accurascale have done it again with the 66, a very effective upgrade of the Hattons’ original. It looks superb, the detail is just awesome and the livery looks great, and effectively captures the character of the real life Class 66. Credit to Accurascale for donating money from the sales to The Samaritans, especially considering the price point for the loco. Excellent value for money, well done guys

Colin H.
Samaritans to the rescue!

What can I say. This is one of two class 66 I have gotten.
Firstly, the model was incredibly well presented. The box was sturdy, and the model was well protected.
The documentation, well, warnings aside, was informative and I learnt alot about the origins of the train.
The model itself, was packed with extra foam pads, and not one loose piece from the model. Well done.
Secondly, it runs like a dream, onto the track and 30 minutes each way, and then wagons added. No matter what I added, including the KUA wagons, we're pulled like a dream.
The rotating axle boxes were amazing, and a lovely touch, this is truly an Accurascale model, and has left the Hattons model in its wake.
One of the things that brought a smile was lining up the prostate cancer model along side to see that the lighting feature were different. Lovely to see. Two models and they do not behave the same.
Would highly recommend this model.

Class 66 - Freightliner Orange

Another fantastic model from Accurascale. The Freightliner orange livery may not suit everyone but there are lots of others to buy.

Accurascale have done a great job of sorting out the problems with the original Hattons' version of this model and the rotating axle box issue seems to have been solved, subject to longer running. Separating the body from the chassis is a lot easier now, it took about 10 minutes to remove the body, replace the buffer beam, add crew and replace the body, and no sign of any damage to the ladders. You d have to be careful to ensure that any of the bits that hang down from the edge of the body don't get caught between the body and the chassis, as this will damage them. This had happened to one of mine during the assembly process and I am awaiting a replacement from Accurascale.

The lighting functions have been updated and now seem to work correctly.

For the price, this model is hard to beat and it must be in the running for awards this year, unless beaten by other Accurascale models. Buy these while you can.

John C.
Class 66 - 66415

Excellent locomotive with very good sounds.
Even better with crew fitted.

Robert E.
Class 66

Best 66 going

Tony R.

This loco is totally unreal its so detailed I cannot believe it! The sound is brilliant I run a TMD model layout and to see this ticking over on shed with my 37s 47s etc its brilliant welldone Accurascale.

Steven W.
A class act

A superb class 66, a joy to run straight out of the box

S P.
Class 66 Freightliner

Another amazing model. Great addition to my collection

Paul J.R.
Absolutely Amazing Loco!

Absolutely amazing loco, couldn't have asked for more for such a great price.
Puts my Hornby 66713 to shame a million times over.
Pulls without effort and very well detailed, all in all - top notch loco!

Malcolm G.

Hi there Accurascale

The brand new Orange Freightliner 66 with sound runs beautifully straight out of the box.

Cheers from Malcolm Glover - Theydon Bois Essex

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