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JSA Bogie Covered Steel Wagon Twin Pack - VTG 1

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Este paquete contiene dos vagones, con capotas de aluminio articuladas en Silver VTG Steel Livery:

  • VTG 4020
  • VTG 4065

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Características comunes:

  • Paquete de dos vagones, cada uno con número de ejecución y decoración individual
  • Calibre OO / Modelos a escala 1:76,2
  • Cajas de acoplador estándar NEM con funcionalidad de acoplamiento cerrado 'cinemática'
  • Se proporcionan acopladores de bloqueo de tensión estrechos NEM
  • Amortiguadores metálicos con resortes
  • Detalles ajustados de fábrica de metal grabado
  • Piezas de plástico extra finas montadas en fábrica
  • Tuberías extrafinas montadas en fábrica
  • Letras, logotipos y códigos individuales de vagones reales para mayor autenticidad
  • Bogies de movimiento de ejes BSC
  • Juegos de ruedas de perfil RP25.110 ennegrecidas con medidas consecutivas de 14,4 mm y puntas de 26 mm
  • Diseñado para una fácil conversión a calibres EM y P4
  • Los vagones miden 166 mm sobre los topes de longitud

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cracking detail

Stunning detail, very pleased with them. Slight issue as two handrails fell off seconds after opening and the covers aren’t the most forgiving to being opened. Best to decide to have them open or closed from the start as regular movement of the cover can cause damage (this is however pointed out in the care leaflet that comes with the wagons). Overall, very impressed though.

Bernard J.

This is my first purchase from Accurascale and I am very impressed. I bought two separate lots, there were loose rails in both lots, they should be an easy fix. Every thing else is perfect, lots of great detail that leaves other producers in the shade. Well done, I will be ordering other items in the future. Also the shipping was excellent, plenty of notifications it kept in touch. Thank you.

Incredible Detail!

This was about my 5th purchase of some Accurascale wagons, and every time I get a new set I am amazed by the amount of detail, and the extremely competitive price. These vocered steel wagons in particular are excellently detailed and the hoods not only retract, but are designed in a way that they can be taken off if desired without doing any damage or modifications. The wagons roll very freely and are well balanced, they ride over every curve and point combo I have without any indication that they are even close to derailing. My layout is fast filling up with Accurascale wagons, especially as they are about the only manufacturer to produce enough of a wagon to create a train without needing to re-number duplicate wagons where other manufacturers only release 1 or 2 in your preferred livery. Keep it up Accurascale, you are exactly what this hobby needed!

Mark D.
JSA - Quality Steel Wagon

Superbly detailed and many fine separate parts make these a great looking wagon.

Covered Wagons

Purchased pack 1 and 2 pack 2 was perfect but had to send pack 1 back as parts were missing and some loose in the box. Hopefully they will come back perfect. I would give 5 stars but after waiting 18 months for them and then having to send them back it’s a little bit disappointing.

Phil G.

They are fabulously detailed, intricate wagons that fit great with the multitude of modern wagons offered by Accurascale.

Paul R.

Great product quality great worth every penny

Martin J.
Lovely detail, fragile boxes

I bought two sets of wagons, one set arrived in tact the other with a few detail bits broken off and the lower tray was cracked and broken in several places. The internal rails on three wagons had also detached but everything was reattached with ease and they are as good as new. If it wasn’t for this it would have been five stars.
The detail on the wagons is exquisite, they really do look good, quite a good detail pack included as well, but it also makes them difficult to handle.
Hopefully a replacement tray which has been requested will be forthcoming. I lined the bottom tray with foam and they have travelled back and forth to Scotland for weathering with no issues. They look even better now, really pleased with my two sets of wagons.

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