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Siphon G - Dia. O.33 - BR Maroon: W2942W

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Bienvenido al Accurascale Siphon G, que cubre el diagrama 0.33, el BR(W) 0.62, las conversiones O.59 y M.34, así como las conversiones BR Newspaper Van del O.62 (NNV ) en escala 00/4 mm.

Características comunes:

  • Modelos a escala 1:76,2/calibre OO muy detallados en pista de 16,5 mm
  • Detalle exterior extremadamente fino en el techo y los extremos del autocar
  • Piezas de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, incluidos pasamanos, tubos de calor de freno/vapor, cableado, escalones (con banda de rodadura)
  • Bastidor completamente detallado con numerosas piezas separadas finamente detalladas, tramos de tubería y diferencias precisas entre versiones
  • Escala réplica, bogies finamente detallados
  • Juegos de ruedas de perfil RP25.110 ennegrecidas con medidas consecutivas de 14,4 mm y puntas de 26 mm sobre cojinetes de latón
  • Enchufes de acoplamiento estándar NEM de altura correcta con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión
  • Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-riel)
  • Longitud del entrenador: 216 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
More excellent models, more excellent service.

Along with the marvellous Banana Vans, I have also purchased various Siphon G Vans to date. Ranging from GW to BR maroon, and including the superb Ambulance Ward Car. They have all been excellent models, accurately catering for both wagon and livery variations during that period. They have all been packaged beautifully, and packed for despatch with equal care. Delivery has always been prompt and well communicated. The whole experience, including the quality of the models, is first class! 11 out of 10 Accurascale!


The Siphon G has a stunning level of detail, it’s gorgeous. On top of the top shelf quality of the product, the customer service staff responded to a question I had and corrected the issue almost immediately. And to top it all off this order was shipped from the United Kingdom to the United States and delivered within 4 days. Incredible company.

Ken B.
Siphon G Maroon

Excellent all round service. Well packaged and prompt delivery. The wagons are very free wheeling with nice weighty wagons. Looks good on a rake of Siphons and full brakes. Shows how much improved the Siphon when running with other makes older stock. Keep up the good work.

Stuart C.
Best Coaches Ever

Definitely the best detailed coaches I have ever owned. Excellent build quality.

Excellent attention to detail

Usual Accurascale quality with a great price and free delivery.

David A.
Supremely realistic

Makes my existing models not good enough. Should I buy more and upgrade? Probably.



andrew j.

excellent attention to detail and a great addition to my layout

David R.
Maroon syphon G

I have some of the blue versions but wanted one of the maroon for my sixties set the livery is extremely good and the detailing is as per the Blue versions is well done. Well worth the money. Keep up the good work.

Tim C.

Fabulous model and incredibly well captured. Only downside is I’m a bit reluctant to weather it! What do I do?!!

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