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FNA-D ‘New Generation’ Nuclear Flask Carrier - Teal - Twin Pack D

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 Nodweddion Cyffredin:

  • Model mesurydd OO hynod fanwl, graddfa 1:76.2 ar drac 16.5mm
  • Isafswm Radiws 438mm (2il Radiws)
  • Deg wagen wedi'u rhifo'n unigol wedi'u pecynnu mewn setiau dau gar
  • Mae corsydd yn cynnwys esgidiau brêc ar wahân yn unol ag olwynion ac addasydd brêc ynghyd â blychau echel cylchdroi
  • Olwynion mesurydd OO proffil RP25-110 gyda lle i ffitio olwynion EM (18.2mm) neu P4 (18.83mm)
  • Mae byffer sbring a chyplyddion sgriw dymi wedi'u cynnwys
  • Plastig, gwifrau metel a rhannau manwl metel wedi'u hysgythru ar wahân gwych iawn, gan gynnwys pibellau aer, olwyn llaw brêc, offer agor cwfl, offer brêc, cydio, dalwyr labeli rhybuddio
  • Mowntiau cyplydd NEM cinetig ar uchder cywir gyda chyplyddion clo tensiwn bach
  • Goleuadau cynffon gweithio ar un cerbyd ym mhob pecyn. Bydd hwn yn cael ei bweru gan un batri CR1216 a'i reoli gan switsh magnet

 Common Features:

  • Highly-detailed OO gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius)
  • Ten individually numbered wagons packaged in two-car sets
  • Bogies include separate brakeshoes in line with wheels and brake adjuster plus rotating axleboxes
  • RP25-110 profile OO gauge wheels with space to fit EM (18.2mm) or P4 (18.83mm) wheels
  • Sprung buffers and dummy screw couplings are included
  • Super fine separate plastic, metal wire and etched metal detail parts, including air pipes, brake handwheel, hood opening equipment, brake equipment, grabs, warning label holders
  • Kinetic NEM coupler mounts at correct height with mini-tension-lock couplers
  • Working tail light on one vehicle in each pack. This will be powered by a pair of CR927 batteries and controlled by magnet switch

The Tail Lamp model has a battery compartment under the flask hood and requires 2x CR927 Batteries to operate. Batteries Not Included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Great detail well made and just enough weight to make it realistic I would definitely recommend them

Aristidis M.
Good stuff!

Very fine details and amazing looking, and good weight to them as well. As everyone else already mentioned, these are a must have behind your Accurascale 37's :).

A few things I found very slightly annoying is perhaps the use of a unusual (some might say "hard to find") battery as the CR927 is not the most common button battery (compared to CR2032, LR44 and others) but if you got access to the Internet it's easy to just order a pack. Also the hoods are a bit tricky to remove when fitting the batteries without breaking any of the fine details, and the manual in the box does not give any good hints on how to safely remove the hoods. Just be careful and keep in mind they are fragile and it should be fine.

The rotating axle boxes is a very nice touch but it does make the wagons a bit harder to drag along, again - this is no problem with good traction like the Accurascale tractors.

Philip D.
Impressive detail

I know have 3 twin packs, really amazing detail at a good price

Steven B.
New Generation Radiation 1

Another lovey set of wagons from Accurascale. This time FNA-D ‘New Generation’ Nuclear Flask Carriers. My only complaint is the lack of a pre fitted battery, having to fit them yourself does run the risk of damaging them if you are not careful. Other than that 10/10.

John M.

Two very good wagons. Can’t fault them in anyway


Stunning detail, lovely little details that you wouldn’t get from other suppliers


Fantastic wagons!


Very fiddly to fit the batteries could have been made a lot easier so I was disappointed with the flasks and all the hype that went with them being promoted.

daniel b.

Fantastic models , highly detailed, great for the modern modeller or collector,


Great little wagons and very well detailed.

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