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Another winner

Another well made quality product from accurascale 👍🏻well packaged with a very detailed booklet which is a brilliant insight into it’s history….can’t wait for my next pre-orders to arrive

Absolutely stunning locomotive. As you expect with Accurascale it is fantastic, brilliant mechanism and stunning detail

No1 Shed!

Lovely model straight out of the box. Certainly subtle improvements on the tooling since purchase from original owner. Very, very nice.

Exactly what I asked for-brilliant

Exactly what I asked for-brilliant

nice bunch

These are outstanding models , in looks and in running qualities .

Paul S.
Outstanding DRS Class 37/6

This model is another great offering. The Class 37 is one of my favorite diesels and Accurascale have captured all the subtle details of this variant as used in DRS service. It is an excellent runner and the details from the bogies to the lights are outstanding, as is the finish. It looks at home with the many Accurascale nuclear wagons - PFAs, FNA-Ds, and KUAs. If you model DRS, this is a 'must have' loco.

Great wagons for a goods train

Amazing detail....

Blown away with the level of detail on these wagon's. I will be buying again.....
Amanda... Tasmania....

SR Banana vans

A very nice and unusual cream livery with red SR lettering. Free running and beautifully detailed. Outstanding models.

Accurascale 97301

I’m so lucky to have bagged this limited edition. It’s a real gem. Silky smooth runner, detail is off the scale. Even the packaging is amazing. Can’t wait for my Class 50 to arrive.


Great detail well made and just enough weight to make it realistic I would definitely recommend them

FK 13476

Nice model.

Very nice models

**** link couplings

Top class realistic couplings .The fact they can be used with a magnetic shunting pole makes all the difference to my setup. Great product.The only thing that would possibly improve it would be a longer shank .This would also apply to the instanter couplings.

Siphon G - Amazing Quality!

Such good quality and detail at a reasonable price point. Better to buy two or more, which is what I did. In fact, I was so pleased I bought another two and contemplating further purchases. Cannot wait to get my hand on the Class 37 55 and 31, also on order.

Truly brilliant.

Fringford Manor is my second Accurascale Manor purchase. I was so impressed with the appearance and operation of Draycott Manor that I decided to buy another. I can't wait for further additions to the Accurascale GWR/WR stable.

Great decoder

This decoder is well worth a 5 star rating.

Class 37 Oval buffets almost identical for a mature Bachmann Locomotive

Supplied by Accurascale with 8 for £2.95 with free postage excellent deal for customers

Good, honest, presentable.

While I was expecting such nice quality models, I wasn't expecting them to show up in such an amazingly caring packaging. The fabric-lined box is perfect. And the models themselves? Look exactly as advertised.

Fringford Manor 7814

Currently only run-in on a rolling road where all testing worked well. Running backwards the loco moves side to side a little more than I expected (could this be a gear train issue?) but driving forward I'm glad to see this side motion is minimal. Sound levels could be louder but have not tried to adjust the level values to give a higher pitch yet. The added crew figures are great. Taking into account all the other amazing details on this loco I'm hoping this model alongside my first Manor (Draycott Manor) will prove to be an enjoyable addition to my fleet.

Magic Wand

Needed for a friend who bought the nuclear FNA wagons. Surprised the wagon pack did not have this included.

BFK 14111
Steven B.

Lovely coach. Lots of detail. Excellent livery application. Another winner from Accurascale

Driver and second man figures.

Excellent driver and second man figures. Highly recommended!

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