PTA/JTA+JUA Bogie Tippler Pack - British Steel Blue (Outer)— Accurascale Neidio i'r cynnwys

PTA/JTA+JUA Bogie Tippler Pack - British Steel Blue (Outer)

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Pecyn yn cynnwys 2 wagen GRhA 'Outer', un ohonynt yn cynnwys golau Cynffon sy'n fflachio (wedi'i bweru gan fatri), a 3 Wagon 'Fewnol'
  • BSSW26666
  • BSSW26674
  • BSSW26566
  • BSSW26577
  • BSSW26617
Nodweddion Cyffredin:
  • Pecyn o bum Wagon, pob un â rhif rhedeg unigol ac addurn
  • O Gauge / 1:76.2 Modelau Graddfa
  • Cromlin Radiws 2 Isaf a Argymhellir
  • Pocedi cyplydd safonol
  • NEM gydag ymarferoldeb cyplu agos ‘cinematig’
  • Darparwyd cyplyddion clo tensiwn cul NEM ar gyfer cerbydau Allanol, gyda chyplyddion migwrn yn cael eu darparu ar gyfer cerbydau mewnol.
  •  Clustogau metel sbring
  • Manylion gosod ffatri metel ysgythru
  • Ffatri cain ychwanegol gosod manylion rhannau plastig
  • Pibwaith cain ychwanegol wedi'i osod yn y ffatri
  • Llythrennau unigol, logos a chodau o wagenni go iawn er dilysrwydd
  • BSC Echel Motion bogies
  •  Setiau olwyn proffil RP25.110 du gyda mesuriadau cefn wrth gefn 14.4mm, a 26mm dros binbwyntiau
  • Cynllun i'w drosi'n hawdd i fesuryddion EM a P4
  • Goleuadau Cynffon coch wedi'u gosod, yn fflachio wedi'u gosod ar un cerbyd allanol fesul pecyn allanol
  • Mae pob wagen tua 165mm o hyd

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Colourful wagons

I do love these bright orange and blue bogie tippler wagons in the eye catching British Steel livery. Even in night running the colour of the wagons shines through, see photos. Not a great fan of the flashing tail light mechanism. I could not get it to work, and in the end replaced the micro switch with a reed switch and magnet. I notice Accurascale intend to do that with their new coaches and have listened to feedback YouTube video placeholder
K R.
Another great purchased wagon set

Bought these wagon outer set to go with inner set. The BRITISH STEEL tampo printing is faultless. This pack comes with 1 wagon having a working tail light fitted. There's a switch under chassis, and you get to the battery by lifting false wagon shelf inside the wagon. The loads you can buy are also highly recommended.

Mark D.
Eye catching PTA’s

I realised these don’t fit my modelling era or locations but when I saw the painted samples ordered as they are a colourful addition.

Hillshot T.L.
Another amazing wagon from Accurascale

Just bought a rake of 10 of these and they look amazing. Detailing and finish is second to none and after running for several hours I have had no uncoupling incidents or derailments.
Highly recommended and 5 more middle wagons just bought.

Mr M.V.
What made BS.

This is what made these wagons so versatile and go onto to other companies.

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