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Aggregate - 'Real' Loads for PTA Hoppers - 5 Pack

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Agregue un poco de realismo adicional a sus vagones Accurascale OO PTA con este paquete de cinco cargas auténticas

  • Carga agregada en el inserto extraíble para sus vagones de tolva de la PTA.
  • Paquete de 5 cargas
  • Acabados a mano y hechos a medida
  • Vagones no incluidos

Tenga en cuenta que las cargas se terminan a mano, por lo que cada carga será ligeramente diferente, según el mismo perfil de carga.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
David A.

Perfect fit. Completes a fantastic wagon set

Stuart A.
Just great!

These are brilliant loads for the PTA hopper, just need a re-run of the wagons 😉


Helps bring the wagon alive😃.

Aggregate inserts for Accurascale PTA hoppers.

I bought the inserts for my PTA hoppers as a quick and fairly cost effective way of having loaded wagons. I am generally pleased with the result, however I have a couple of thoughts. The "loads" are basically pieces of shaped plastic foam with a layer of fine coloured grit like material sprayed on top.
My first thought is that the only thing that lets the realistic appearance down is that they are all identical. I realise it is a big ask but five slightly varying surfaces on the foam in each pack would be a quantum leap in the illusion.
The second point is that the sprayed on layer is very thin and one of my examples is rubbed off on one edge, handle with care!
Overall though pretty good.


Great loads , reasonable price and easier than dyi

Craig W.
ood load reasonable price

ood load reasonable price and easier than doing ones self

Ian H.
Great to add to my rake of PTA’s

With the addition of the aggregate loads, it completes the look of these superb wagons. A spot of weathering will just add that bit of an extra touch but, they’re perfect wagons without that. Looking forward to running them on the layout.

Bruce D.
Great product

These loads look so real and life like they just finish off another great wagon.

Reviewer avatar
John C.
Fill her up.

These loads are nice quality and represent excellent value for money. The loads do need a little bit filed from the edges to fit but it isn't a big job to do. The loads on the top are presented as finely graded coloured chips of your chosen ore, black for coal, rustic red for iron ore, etc. It would be great if the grades were more mixed of fine to intermediate and coarse, but I'll not knock it for what it is. I bought these initially in a bulk buy, to load up my PTA wagons, as I knew that they would sell out fast. Just as well as they didn't hang around for too long. So, it was a terrific way of getting loaded without having to touch the alcohol, having a hangover, and getting glue and little chips over the floor, LOL. What more can one say about these, other than a slightly more mixed rougher and coarser appearance .to them in future. At least it shouldn't take long to fit them and remove for the return journey without trying to force them. A useful product and with a little thought, one can glue a small piece of steel sheet underneath them to aid removing the loads from the wagons with a magnet.

Needs tiny bit of filing to fit

Just got some of these and they don't fit wagon. They're wee bit too big. Will have to use needle file to shape the cut out corner areas so they slot into wagon. No real hardship, shouldn't take long. Atleast then will fit exactly without trying to force it in. Still a great product though.

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