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Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 - Highlander Pack 2 - Fort William

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Este paquete de 4 vagones representa el servicio Caledonian Sleeper, ya que va de Edimburgo a Fort William, se separó del servicio de Aberdeen con dos coches cama y se agregaron dos vagones sentados.

Este paquete de cuatro autocares incluye:

Coche cama accesible 15210
Coche club 15108
Coche sentado 15006
Coche dormitorio estándar 15304

Tenga en cuenta: Las fotos son de muestras decoradas y aunque muestran los detalles y la marca por entrenador, no coinciden con los números corrientes y pueden ser sujeto a mejoras y cambios menores antes de la entrega.

Características comunes:

  • Muy detallado OO calibre modelo, escala 1:76,2 en pista de 16,5 mm

  • Detalles específicos del entrenador, incluidos, entre otros;
    • Piezas de detalle de metal grabado y plástico de alta fidelidad aplicadas por separado, incluidos pasamanos, tubos de freno

    • Enchufes de acoplamiento estándar NEM con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión con sistema de acoplamiento cercano Kinematic y barras de acoplamiento cercano provistas

    • Acristalamiento sin prisma

    • Bastidor inferior completamente detallado

    • Interiores precisos totalmente detallados y pintados/impresos

  • Paquete de iluminación completamente detallado, que incluye:

    • Iluminación direccional, CC y DCC (solo remolque de conducción)

    • Iluminación interior del autocar con banco de capacitores vivos

    • Iluminación interior activada por varita magnética (captación de pista)
  • Ruedas RP25-110 Ruedas OO con disposición para volver a medir a p4 y ancho EM

  • Amortiguadores metálicos completamente suspendidos cuando corresponda

  • Tuberías extra finas montadas en fábrica

  • Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-pista)

  • Longitud del entrenador: 289 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper

These coaches are fantastic, with so much detail. They look great and include interior lights. Livery is very well applied. Just need a little class 73 to haul them!

Peter H.

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Attention to detail, so realistic and built to last


Some of the best value and finest detail RTR coaches made!

mk5 sleepers

hi accurascale sorry for long wait for reply.can only use net at library not on the net at home. very good models only minor niggle is is cdl on all the time may be better for these not to be lit at all. for future models if it costs extra to model detail underneath the coaches im not bothererd about detail that you cant see. so although the fans look good i dont expect the real ones had accurascale wrote on them this should not be an issue when you make the mk3 and mk4 coaches. my big issue is delivery. i have only had about 3 parcels delivered to my home in 5 years i hate things left where it is so easy to pinch i wish parcels could be left at post office if i was not in thank you chaps i look forward to receiving some more models that you are making

Ray B.
Caledonian Sleepers

These coaches are amazing , all 4 vehicles slightly differant just like the real thing. They run perfectly behind my Accurascale 92.
Accurascale how about the class 73/9s to pull them ?

Cally Sleeper

Haven't a layout at the moment upon which to run them, but love the colour and the detail on all the coaches. The weight of each gives an idea of the quality of the product. I shall enjoy running all 16 behind my 'Dyson'.


Absolutely amazing level of detail, especially for the price. The guys just keep giving me reasons to spend my money

E M.
Scottish Mkv

Just like the TransPennine coaches they are amazing models. Crisp livery, good runners, and well priced - compare to similar products from other major manufactures. Boxed well as a set, so no need to buy expensive stock boxes. Would have liked to see through electrical connections, but this is still rare. Looking forward to the next release

Nik A.
Another well designed beautiful set of coaches from Accurascale

What can I say with this set of good quality highly detailed coaches from Accurascale. The box itself is very robust to protect your investment.Its smooth running makes you want to sit back and watch these coaches running on your track all day long.


Another great product, keep them coming

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