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HAA - Railfreight Red - Pack 2

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Construido (HOP AB)
Railfreight Red

  • 1980-1990

  • Números de vagones
    • 350053
    • 354592
    • 356083

El modelo fotografiado es una muestra decorada y puede no ser completamente indicativo del modelo final.

Modelo de calibre OO muy detallado, escala 1:76,2 en riel de 16,5 mm
* Radio mínimo 438 mm (segundo radio establecido-riel)
* Peso mínimo de 40 g
* Chasis fundido a presión para un peso ideal
* Interior detallado con remaches, marcos, flejes y 'cuernos' de puerta perfilados con precisión
* Ruedas RP25-110 de perfil OO con zapatas de freno separadas en línea con la banda de rodadura
* Amortiguadores metálicos con resorte y acoplamientos falsos instantáneos
* Superfina piezas de plástico, incl. tubos de aire, hierros para lámparas, cierres de seguridad, frenos de disco y cierre, equipo de operación de la puerta de la tolva, etc.
* Detalles de metal grabado, incl. palanca de freno, placas del chasis, etc.
* El acoplador Kinetic NEM extraíble se monta a la altura correcta con miniacopladores de bloqueo de tensión provistos con escala Instanters incluidos

Numerosas diferencias individuales entre los tipos de vagones
* Tres estilos de carrocería: tal como se construyó, reacondicionada y CDA
* Dos estilos de la puerta de la tolva: patrón 'X' en las variantes de carbón y patrón de 'viga recta' en CDA
* Toldo original y estilos de techo 'aerodinámicos' posteriores cuando corresponda
* ¡Dos estilos de cubiertas para equipos de operación de puertas, con algunos estilos posteriores con versiones 'mezclar y combinar'!
* Dos estilos de amortiguadores con resorte: Oleo (variantes de carbón) y servicio pesado (CDA)
* Tres variantes de bastidor de chasis diferentes para las versiones HAA, HDA y CDA
* Múltiples configuraciones de tubo de freno de viga amortiguadora
* Tres variantes de rueda diferentes: atornilladas freno de disco, freno de disco simple y estándar (freno de cierre)
* HBA/HDA presenta las modificaciones correctas al equipo operativo de la pinza del disco de freno, cilindro de aire adicional más grande, palancas de cambio vacías/cargadas y freno montado sobre la barra del pie distribuidor
* CDA presenta correctamente un cilindro de aire de extremo grande y un distribuidor de frenos montado sobre la barra del suela, cajas de ventilación de extremo, techo muy detallado con cubierta de lona texturizada y manijas de operación montadas en el chasis

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David S.
Red HAAs pack2

Really good, excellent detail and quaity of finish.

Chris C.
HAA - Railfreight Red - Pack 2

These and the other MGR wagons are great, perform nicely and look the part, can't wait to get them weathered and loaded to finish them off! I fear there will be more packs to come......

Gary B.
Exception Service, Exceptional Quality.

This will be my second rake of coal hoppers to add to my HDA's. After ordering at the end of December 2022, they never arrived to my address in Spain.
In February 2023, an email to Patrick at Accurascale resulted in the same order being re-dispatched the same day. They arrived very quickly and as with the HDA's the quality of build and attention to detail is just perfect. I am currently in the process of adding all the pipe work (included) and instanter couplings. Close coupled, they really do look the business.
Thank you Patrick and team for excellent service and for a quality product that will last me for years.

Another excellent product

One can get a bit blasé about these wagons but they look excellent and run brilliantly and even where they arrive damaged the AS spares response is excellent. I now have one decent length rake and have a horrid feeling I am going to feel driven to building up a secondas soon as AS decide to rerun them.

Steve P.
Blown away!

Last HAA I bought came in a red box and was the expected norm. I opened the box and these are just 'wow'. Great detail and a great price. This is the future of model railroading

John W.
Do I start a second rake

Superb wagon, concidering buying a second rake

Gary S.
Fabulous Wagons

Another winner, these HAAs are just superb, the level of detail is awesome, and they look extremely accurate to the original. they run well and just look so good, incredible

Matthew D.
Look great, run great

Straight from the box and onto the layout - no tweaking required. Been running every evening since and not a single derailment on my (less than perfect) track. As coming to expect from AS - models v detailed and look amazing. I used to be happy with my other manufacturers HAA but suddenly I can see all the errors in the old ones. Simply amazing and great value for money too.

Chris G.
Super HAA wagons

Just received my HAA’s - RF packs 1&2. I’m really impressed with the detail and can’t wait to test them out. I may run these as empty’s - fitting load's might be difficult with the cross bracing.

Mike A.
HAA railfreight red wagons x 12

Clearly the best HAA wagons I've ever owned in over 50 years of railway modelling. They run like a dream, absolutely delighted with them. Nice packaging too.

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