55001 St. Paddy— Accurascale Neidio i'r cynnwys

55001 St. Paddy

Gwerthu allan
Pris gwreiddiol £133.33 - Pris gwreiddiol £208.33
Pris gwreiddiol
£133.33 - £208.33
Pris presennol £133.33
Gwerthu allan
Gwerthu allan
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55001 – ‘St. Paddy'

  • BR glas
  • Cod pen: domino
  • Sychwyr sgrin wynt: dau i bob cwarel
  • Gwresogi trên: ETH
  • Ffenestr flaen y caban: presennol
  • Lleoliad corn: pen y trwyn
  • Deor blychau tywod blaen y trwyn: presennol
  • louvres adran batri: presennol
  • Prif oleuadau dwysedd uchel: heb ei ffitio
  • Fentiau aer windshield: heb eu gosod
  • Hearn lamp ganolog uchaf: presennol
  • Bogies: cast

Nodweddion Cyffredin:

  • Model graddfa OO manwl iawn, 1:76.2
  • Sisiwn metel aloi die-cast
  • Wedi darparu CSDd yn barod [Soced MTX 21Pin] neu Ffatri DCC Sain wedi'i Ffitio
  • Manylion amserlen benodol, gan gynnwys ond heb fod yn gyfyngedig i;
    • Bogies (Cast a Ffabrig)
    • Safleoedd corn
    • Porthladdoedd gwacáu
    • Paneli cod pen
    • Sychwyr sgrin wynt
    • Ffenestri ochr cab
    • Deor blychau tywod
    • Louvres
    • Prif oleuadau
    • Fentiau aer cab
    • Trên offer gwresogi
    • Heyrn lamp
    • Codau sied
  • Metel ysgythru wedi'i gymhwyso ar wahân a rhannau manwl plastig ffyddlondeb uchel, gan gynnwys dolenni cydio, grisiau, sychwyr, platiau enw, cribau a mwy.
  • Cyplyddion clo tensiwn bach o uchder cywir gyda soced NEM yn ogystal â thrawst clustogi manwl iawn
  • Tyniant Perfformiad Uchel, i gynnwys;
    • Modur Pum Pegwn gyda dwy olwyn hedfan
    • Blwch Metal Helical Gear ar gyfer perfformiad mwyaf a chyflymder rhedeg araf
    • Gêrio wedi'u trefnu fel bod locomotif yn gallu cyrraedd cyflymder uchaf ar raddfa o 120 mya (193 km/awr)
    • DCC yn barod gyda chynhwysydd PowerPack ar gyfer pŵer di-dor
    • Pob gyriant olwyn a phigo pob olwyn
  • Pecyn Goleuo manwl llawn, gan gynnwys:
    • Goleuadau cyfeiriadol, DC a CSDd
    • Gellir diffodd goleuadau marcio pan fydd trên wedi'i gysylltu â loco
    • Swyddogaeth golau pen dwyster uchel lle bo'n berthnasol
    • Goleuadau cab wedi'u diffodd ar wahân a'u goleuo, manylion consol y gyrrwr, awto i ffwrdd wrth symud
    • Goleuadau bae injan
  • Olwynion RP25-110 olwynion OO gyda darpariaeth ar gyfer ailfesur i fesurydd p4 ac EM
  • Dau seinydd o safon gyda chapsiwlau sain mawr ar gyfer y sain gorau posibl (*ar fodelau sain)
  • Clustogau metel sbring llawn
  • Pibwaith cain ychwanegol wedi'i osod mewn ffatri

Isafswm Radiws 438mm (2il Radiws Trac Set)

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

I had been looking forward to the Arrival of St Paddy since the announcement of this model, given this was the first loco I had officially 'spotted' as a kid back in 1977. There are several good reviews of this model out there since it arrived so I would direct the buyer there rather than repeat any observations they made. Other reviewers noted some minor issues with small parts becoming detached but I understand these are noted and being remedied for subsequent batches. I observed none of these issues on my own particular model and was pleased with the general quality of finish and assembly. I have still to experiment fully with the sound options I received on mine but it is a facility that with practice can be 'played' to quite an extent.
The prototype in this livery holds very specific memories for me and I'm happy to report that I'm very pleased with mine. 🙂

Fred R.
Diesel Wow!

I absolutely love my Accurascale Deltic (55001 St Paddy). From the moment you lift the model out of the box and notice the sheer weight of the loco you are struck by the quality of it. Well made, superbly detailed and a very quiet and smooth runner to boot. The DCC Sound is also amazing. Nice and loud out of the box with a wide range of sounds programmed onto the decoder. Station announcements are a nice touch, in particular. Well done Accurascale!

Alexander F.
One of the best models on the market!

With everything going on in the world in recent years, it's taken a little longer than expected for these models to arrive. But when they finally did, it was certainly well worth the wait. When I first received St Paddy I thought I'd somehow ended up with a O gauge model rather than a OO gauge model, due to the sheer weight and size of the packaging - Which in itself is a real work of art!

As for the model itself, well what can a say, absolutely outstanding! To my eyes, Accurascale have nailed the look of the Deltic and it has real presence on my layout. The level of detail and complexity on the model is first rate and really sets the bar high for their first British RTR locomotive. The livery application on the model is spot on and the more you look at it, the more you notice. It's got some hefty weight to it, too.

I purchased the DCC Sound Fitted version and I'm so glad that I did. The sound reproduction with the factory fitted speakers is excellent. I was reminded of when I first had a Deltic for haulage some ten years ago, with 55019 being the Deltic in charge.

If you're thinking about an Accurascale Deltic then I'd say go for it. What they have managed to achieve in terms of quality and detail is nothing short of amazing given the price.

The fact that I now have five of these fine models should speak for itself.



Reviewer avatar
John C.
The ultimate Deltic has arrived.

The long wait is over and the Class 55 Deltic from Accurascale does not disappoint with its many features or to one's eye. The printing of the livery is top notch with clean lines all around on my version of this locomotive St Paddy. The detail of things like the bogie chains is a nice touch and many other little additional parts are added. One just needs to peep through the driver's side cab window to see a lit dashboard panel for starters. Accurascale has made this model with the highest spec's seen on any model. This Deltic engine to date, and by any manufacturer must be the master locomotive version of this Class 55.

Jules M.
St Paddy 55 001

Quite possibly the most detailed ready to run locomotive I have ever purchased. Some of the detailing had fallen off in transit but was easily located in the box and put back on the loco in a few minutes. It is a hefty model weighing in at 815grams (Bachmann Deltic by comparison weighs only 512grams) which ensures not only excellent traction but also helps to keep it on any slightly uneven track. A nice touch is the loco being geared to run excellently at a very slow creep as well as a scale 500mph! (not recommended!). Finally the excellent design of removable magnetic roof cover to access the DCC interface makes the whole thing a joy to convert to DCC. I didn't purchase the sound version but may convert this one to DCC sound in the future.
I'm more of a Western Region/Southern region fan but have always had a soft spot for the Deltics having ridden behind them many times in my younger days. This one has pride of place on my garden Railway.
How about a nice class 50 next? :-)

Gary S.
Superb Locomotive

The shape and presence of the of the locomotive is excellent, and captures the look of the Deltic perfectly. The level of detail is superb, and the BR blue livery application spot on. The locomotive runs very smoothly, and with sound active the sound of the Napier engines is captivating, and nicely loud - An excellent model

Martin B.
At paddy class 55

An amazing model detail superb. Sound chip salso sounds amazing. Very well put together model and in my opinion probably the best model currently in my collection

Model of the decade?

A brilliant model, it captures perfectly in model form the real thing that I used to hear from my bedroom hauling the 12.15 am down train out of Top Bank back in the ‘70s . Runs smoothly straight from the box. Congratulations Accurascale you are clearly setting a new standard for UK outline models in OO.

Joseph G.
Great model

A brilliant model, incredible level of detail and all for a great price.

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