7801 – ‘Anthony Manor' GWR 7800— Accurascale Neidio i'r cynnwys

7801 – ‘Anthony Manor' GWR 7800

Gwerthu allan
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Pris gwreiddiol
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7801 – ‘Anthony Manor’

  • GWR - Rheilffordd y Great Western - Gwyrdd Plaen gyda Monogram
  • Simnai Wreiddiol
  • Corff Tendr Fflysio
  • Platiau corn cul

Nodweddion Cyffredin:

  • Model mesurydd OO manwl iawn, graddfa 1:76.2 ar drac 16.5mm
  • Yn seiliedig ar sgan 3D o 7808 Cookham Manor a lluniadau gwaith llawn a ddarparwyd gan Great Western Society, Didcot
  • Arolygon a gynhaliwyd gyda chymorth Cronfa Erlestoke Manor, Dinmore Manor Loco Ltd a Tyseley Locomotive Works
  • Blwch mwg a simnai yn cynrychioli cyflwr GWR fel y'i adeiladwyd yn gywir neu ailddrafftio BR ar ôl 1952
  • Tu mewn caban manwl llawn gyda llawer o rannau ar wahân 
  • Sisiwn metel marw-cast, plât rhedeg a chorff
  • Canllawiau gwifren lled ar raddfa
  • Metel/plastig ysgythru a rhannau manylion cwyr coll, gan gynnwys. cydio dolenni, grisiau, ceiliogod draenio, ac ati
  • Enw a phlatiau rhif metel ysgythru wedi'u peintio ymlaen llaw
  • Byrddau pennau metel ysgythru "Cambrian Coast Express" a "Pembroke Coast Express"
  • Cyplyddion sgriw dymi ffyddlondeb uchel
  • Clustogau metel wedi'u sbringio'n llawn a phibellau wedi'u gosod mewn ffatri
  • Caeau byffer taprog neu syth lle bo'n berthnasol
  • Blociau brêc yn unol ag olwynion
  • Gall cyplydd clo tensiwn mini blaen gael ei ddisodli gan fowldio tryc merlod blaen cywir

Manylion Tendr:

  • Churchward 3,500 gal tendr gyda nifer o amrywiadau gan gynnwys ochrau rhybedog a chyfwynebol, platiau corn cul neu lydan, tri math gwahanol o awyrendy sbring a sgŵp dŵr wedi'i osod dan ffrâm
  • Clustogau metel wedi'u sbringio'n llawn, pibellau wedi'u gosod mewn ffatri a chyplyddion sgriw dymi ffyddlondeb uchel
  • Amgaeadau cynnar taprog, taprog neu glustogfa syth lle bo'n berthnasol
  • Braced plât rhybuddio uwchben dewisol ar enghreifftiau BR hwyr
  • Mowntiau cyplydd NEM cinetig ar dendr ar uchder cywir gyda chyplyddion clo tensiwn bach
  • Soced datgodiwr Cyngor Sir Ddinbych mewn tendr (to tendr yn hygyrch trwy adran lifft allan wedi'i ddiogelu gan fagnetau)
  • Dewis o adrannau codi allan: llwyth ‘glo’ gwag neu efelychiadol

DCC / Nodweddion Electronig:

  • Modur 3-polyn o ansawdd uchel iawn gydag olwyn hedfan, foltedd cychwyn isel a chyflenwad pŵer llyfn
  • DCC yn barod [Soced MTC 21-Pin yn dendr] neu opsiynau Sain DCC wedi'u gosod yn y ffatri
  • Mae gan locomotifau sain CSDd seinydd wedi'i osod mewn blwch mwg a seinyddion deuol mewn tendr
  • banc cynhwysydd PowerPack ar gyfer pŵer a sain di-dor
  • Goleuadau blwch tân fflachio (wedi'i gydamseru â sain ar fodelau sydd wedi'u gosod gan Gyngor Sir Ddinbych)
  • Codi trydanol o'r holl olwynion gyrru tendr a locomotif

Nodweddion tyniant:

  • Isafswm Radiws 438mm (2il Radiws Trac Set)
  • Sassis metel marw-cast, plât rhedeg a chorff gydag echel yrru canol sbring
  • Blwch Metal Helical Gear ar gyfer perfformiad mwyaf a rhedeg cyflymder araf
  • Geirio wedi'i drefnu fel bod locomotif yn gallu cyrraedd cyflymder uchaf ar raddfa o 90 mya (145 km/h)
  • RP25-110 olwynion mesurydd OO proffil

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
One of the best models of 2023!!!

Really pleased with my model.
In my opinion one of the best models I bought in 2023. Especially given that some other manufacturers want over £200 for less detailed models. So GREAT PRICE! I was actually that impressed I in fact bought four of these Manor class locomotives. And to think it is Accurascale first steam locomotive class to be modeled. Great work Accurascale! 😁😁😁👍

paul s.
What another beauty!

Yes, yet another excellent model from accurascale. Looks good, runs excellently good and makes you feel bloomin good!!! Well done all.

matthew r.
GWR Anthony Manor Review

GWR Anthony Manor is a little gem. It is quite powerful and holds to my rather dodgy rails well for a steamer. I was a little disappointed that it didnt work with a Hornby HM7000 DCC bluetooth sound decoder (Next 18) but never mind I am very pleased with it.
My first Accurascale locomotive purchase was Brush ABB Class 92 electric ' Debussy' which works with a Hornby HM7000 DCC 21pin bluetooth sound decoder I have also pre-ordered an HST locomotive from you which I hope will be as good as the Debussy. Love your products for their quality and presentation (especially background information). regards Matthew Ridgeon

Richard J.

The Accurascale manors are very nice model and works well and have had a good running but you need to run the models in just to make sure you conform to the suppliers requirements and to make sure the brushes bed in correctly in both directions, this model is very accurate and is an excellent example and you won’t ever be disappointed with your purchase. Richard from Gloucestershire

Philip D.

This is my second “Manor” and it doesn’t disappoint. So much detail, just waiting for the crew now !

Jeff D.
Nice model - Shame about poor handling in factory

This would probably have been a 5 star review, but for one thing - on un-boxing the model I found one of the front buffers rolling around loose in the packaging. A loose paint chip indicated that this had not just been loosely fitted but had been knocked and broken. Given the excellent quality of the packaging, both of the loco box and the shipping box, I can only surmise that this happened at the point of boxing up at the manufacturer. Fortunately, the damage is not too severe - the buffer itself appears in order, and there appears to be no distortion of the model - so it is well within my modelling skills to effect a repair. But it is very disappointing to receive a damaged model when everything about the piece screams quality, and this delivered at an astonishing price point compared to other manufacturers. Given the damage, which I haven’t had the time to try and resolve, I’ve only given the loco the briefest of tests to check it was operational. Seems fine mechanically, and an impressive weight, and it really looks the part. I hope this sort of thing is a rare occurrence, and I’ve just been unlucky. Minus 1 star for the damage, minus another for the disappointment.

Ric N.
Nice loco let down by poor QC

The first version of Anthony Manor had to go back due to half a dozen faults with it. The replacement arrived and the first thing I notice was the chimney hanging off. On checking the gimmicky tender filler lid that was wonky on the first, I found this one was not affixed properly either. I cba to return this model again, I can glue the chimney on and replace the filler lid with something that has scale hinges. It's a noisy runner, even after 2+ hrs running in, though it has got better, and there is still a strange squeak. Thankfully it does start off smoothly with no sudden leaps. Buffer springs are next to useless, they are way too hard. On the plus side, the shade of green appears to be well done and the overall appearance captures the essence of the Manor very well, with nicely proportioned boiler and firebox. Customer service was also excellent when organising the returns of the first example.
Please investigate your QC with the factory, it spoils an otherwise superbly done model.

Magnificent Manor

The attention to detail as astonishing, it looks superb and all for an incredible price. If you like GWR then definitely ad this loco to your collection

Christopher P.
Anthony Manor

Receiving the package, opening the parcel are all part of the pleasure. All very well packaged, well presented box and the loco on inspection certainly didn't disappoint. The loco ran super smooth straight from the box and all was intact.
Thanks Accurascale.

Anthony Manor (sound equipped)

Excellent model (although lanterns - even dummy ones - are missing). Sounds on the decoder include a somewhat strange selection: e.g. curve sequal on board, but rail clank is missing.

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