accurascale survey team figures— Accurascale Neidio i'r cynnwys

Accurascale Research Team - Three Figure Pack - OO (1/76th) Scale

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mewn stoc, yn barod i'w gludo
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Gan ddefnyddio’r dechnoleg sganio ac argraffu 3D lliw-llawn diweddaraf, mae’r ffigurau hyn wedi’u dylunio a’u cynhyrchu yn y DU yn benodol ar gyfer Accurascale. Argraffwyd mewn lliw llawn. Nid oes angen peintio; y cyntaf ar gyfer Graddfa RTR OO! Yn syml, gludwch yn ei le ar eich cynllun neu'ch diorama.

Rhybudd: Nid yw'r ffigurau'n sicr o ddechrau cynhyrchu modelau 1:5776 ar gyfer eich cynllun.

  • Tîm arolwg ymchwil graddfa gywir tri ffigur wedi'i argraffu 3D
  • Wedi'i gyflenwi'n barod i ffitio, mewn LLIW Cyflawn Argraffu 3D (Heb ei Beintio)
  • Cynhyrchwyd ar y cyd â Modelu
  •  Gwnaed ym Mhrydain Fawr 

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

It was Ok. Colours not great. Quite faded

Unique and detailed figures

These unique and highly detailed figures can fit in almost anywhere - in a depot assessing the latest diesel loco, or on a scrap line measuring the rusting hulk of an old steam engine. Unfortunately both ends of the ruler held by the kneeling chap were broken off when they arrived, but should re-affix easily enough with a tiny dab of glue.

Derek H.
The three amigos

great little figures ,well detailed can,t wait to get them on my layout,keep up the good work


These are so real and look just like the guys they were modelled on.

Alan F.
More amazing work from the team!

A pure stroke of brilliance again from the Accurascale team. Don’t know where they will be going on my layout maybe measuring up my HST as the next project?
Keep up the amazing work.

Paul S.
Measuring up...

I bought these figures on a whim when purchasing the crews for the Manor steam locomotive models. The mouldings are clean and the figures are painted with much greater care than comparable ones from other manufacturers. I'm not sure where, but these three fellows will be somewhere on my layout making their measurements.

robin b.
The crew of accurascale

These are so down to earth and so detailing spot on

Reviewer avatar
John C.
Trying to measure up.

Accurascale continue to make mini marvels with their rolling, and what else can they do to enhance them. Well, you can now add more interesting cameos via these scaled down 3D scanned people. Little figures that Accu' initially made to populate the loco driver cabs have extended the range. Now one can portray research staff with this set of mini me's. They are 3D scans of real people miniaturised down as a three man crew out to measure up a loco, a coach, a wagon, or whatever you wish. Each set has a person posed as two ruler measurers and a photographer. The trio are beautifully detailed and weathered. With their high visibility garb on to be placed anywhere ready to work the scene, note the Accu logo on the back of jackets.They are amazing 3D scanned marvels, just look at the faces alone to appreciate the 3D process used to produce such high quality items. One can adapt them into any research roll, and it doesn't have to be railway related either. The realism in modelling techniques is astounding now and it can only get finer in years to come.

Stephen O.M.

I purchased the irish railway models as your items are always top class Thanks

Good idea

I like the figures, they are supporting my dad on his 3d printing journey. The little box makes sures the guys keep their limbs and instruments when undertaking an excursion in the field. The idea of modelling the accurascale team adds to the personal and close touch of the company

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